Timothy and Egor Krid become responsible for the giant tube

Тимати и Егор Крид стали виновниками гигантской пробки The musicians opened a beauty salon in Moscow. At the opening of a new business project Timothy came to his many friends and thousands of fans. As a result, several streets in the capital were blocked.

Timothy is not only a popular musician, but also a very successful businessman. He owns the record label Black Star, brand, apparel and a restaurant. Now the artist decided to open a beauty salon.

At the presentation of the establishment gathered numerous stars and close friends of Timothy. So, Anastasia Reshetova has told fans what Spa treatments she prefers. Singer Nazim also shared beauty secrets, and Mike Marvin with pleasure were photographed with the fans.

When the event appeared Timothy and Egor Krid, fans literally went crazy. The beauty salon began streaming thousands of admirers of creativity of the artists. As a result, they have blocked several streets, not allowing cars to come.

Timothy himself was clearly delighted with how his presentation of the beauty salon. He hastened to share the video on Instagram, showing in all its glory, its popularity among the audience.

“To hell with your rotten prize. Keep them to yourself”, – said the musician.

Apparently, Timothy had decided to speak out about the recent ceremony “Muz-TV”. Recall that after the award ceremony, the artist was very unhappy and wrote a long Instagram post addressed to the Director General of the channel Arman Davletyarov.

As a result, between men there was a skirmish in social networks with many mutual accusations. The actor promised that he will no longer participate in this event.

Meanwhile, fans of Timothy do not get tired to admire his performance. The man does not stop and continues to monetizirovat its popularity.

“Amazed at how many ideas Timur. He is such a rate the whole world will capture,” “And I’m still waiting for Burger in his native Kemerovo. Would be better if he concentrated on one business”, “Timothy creates an Empire that will make him the most influential star of Russia”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the artist.

Apparently, the new projects of the musician is extremely popular among his fans. Timothy has said repeatedly that he follows fashion trends and is full of ideas for the development of the brand Black Star. However, he does not forget about the rap creativity. The artist regularly presents new songs that become big hits.