Timothy and Egor Krid arranged traffic jams in the center of Moscow

Тимати и Егор Крид устроили транспортный коллапс в центре Москвы
The opening of the salon has caused many kilometers of traffic jams.

Timothy expanded his business by opening a showroom
beauty in the center of Moscow. This event for a few
hours blocked the center of the capital for motorists and led to the formation of kilometer-long traffic jams.

Party with finger foods and glamorous cocktails began: the guests
sedately walked through the cabin, examining the VIP-offices, was interested in prices
hair styling and manicure. Anastasia Reshetova told reporters that
what cosmetic services the priority for her: for example, massage of the face. Someone even managed to use the services of the institution. For example,
star BlackStar Mike
Marvin made yourself a manicure, and its counterpart — the new face of the label —
singer Nazim appreciated the effective mask for the hair. Entrance,
decorated with pink balloons, lazily examined walking around the city center
passers-by… And suddenly, everything changed like magic.

Magical “beings” who violate the peace and quiet
on Dmitrovka, were two black gelendvagen.
Angry motorists are indignant delay (the jeeps for a short time
got up in the middle of the street), then angrily began to beep. As it turned out, it was
only “flowers”. When the jeep came Timothy and Yegor creed, it became clear that
among Muscovites and guests of the capital many fans of these artists. In
any case, Dmitrovka, which rapidly began to fill with people.

Тимати и Егор Крид устроили транспортный коллапс в центре Москвы

Anastasia Reshetova

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina


Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

two hours the street was Packed. Fans surrounded the car drivers
which no longer tried to pull away. The cause of the incident was quite
significant. Not every day you see, like Timothy and creed like mad on the roof
your own car! In the evening Timothy was happy. “Keep your rotten
prize!” he wrote later in his personal microblog, unable to restrain emotions
about such manifestations of popular love.

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