Time won’t heal: what happened to the actors of the series “Interns”

Время не лечит: как сложились судьбы актеров сериала «Интерны» Artists remember the thousands of viewers vivid images of doctors and workers of a hospital. Outside the set the actors have been many sad and happy events. “StarHit” learned how life has changed for the cast of the popular series, which was broadcast channel TNT.
Время не лечит: как сложились судьбы актеров сериала «Интерны»

Viewers saw the first series of the popular series “Interns” in 2010. Comic strip about the lives of doctors at a hospital so fond of the audience that in seven years, the screens showed fourteen seasons paintings. “StarHit” decided to recall what changes have occurred in the lives of the actors who became popular after “Interns”.

Kazimir Liske

Star with American roots Kazimir Liske remembered for the role of the patient in the series of TNT channel. 35-year-old actor, born in Denver (Colorado), came to work in Russia 10 years ago, but remained in Moscow forever. Casimir also starred in popular TV series “Wedding”, “Ivan the terrible”, “Particle universe”.

Sudden death Liske, shocked the public. On 24 April he fell from the window of his apartment in Moscow. Arrived on the scene medics hospitalized the actor, but to save his life failed. From the received traumas the actor died on the operating table in the hospital. Friends of the actor “Interns” Casimir liske opened up the circumstances of his death

Still colleagues and fans of the Casimir can’t believe what happened. Many are wondering why cheerful person, in front of which was a large bright future, died. Close the Liska argue that in the United States, the actor left his wife and daughter. Although he never of his family were not told.

Ivan Okhlobystin

Ivan Okhlobystin became popular after the role of Dr. Bykov in the TV series “Interns”, suffered a severe illness. The actor did not reveal details about the illness, however informed fans that he had to put in the effort to restore health. The star wrote on Instagram that he was able to cope with a serious illness and is now back enjoying life.

“Well… I’m back. Very sick, thought would die, but no. Returned,” wrote the artist in the social network.

For fans of Ivan the news came as a real revelation, because Okhlobystin regularly publish posts to social networks, communicate with their fans about the disease no one even knew. The next blow to followers was the decision of the actor to leave the series “Interns”. Okhlobystin turned to religion. Recently, the actor has often posted photos of churches and temples, which he visited. Not so long ago, Ivan said that he was going to focus on his literary activity and permanently leave the industry.


During the filming of the series Svetlana Permyakova had an affair with Maxim Skryabin. Couple literally made a splash. In acting circles, where the age difference usually does not bother anyone, actively discussing their relationship. When they met, Svetlana was 39 years, and her chosen one had just turned 21. Permyakov soon announced her pregnancy. However, love failed to save the relationship. Svetlana and Maxim parted friends, and together has a daughter Cook. Svetlana permjakova, “I answered him, I agree”

Some time ago Permyakova realized that young suitors her more interesting. In a recent residence “StarHit” the actress admitted that she met a soul mate and is now happy as ever.

Alexander Lyapin

Last year, the actor has undergone a serious test. Beloved and recognizable Alexander was the victim of street bullies. In the heart of the capital, near one of capital night clubs, he was attacked by unknown. The star of the series “Interns” and his girlfriend was beaten in the center of Moscow

The star was a girl Pauline Levashkevich, which was also damaged. Then the public could not calm down. After all, a famous actor suffered serious injuries and for a time was forced to postpone projects at work. He received a concussion and a broken nose.

The artist himself did not say anything to journalists about the incident. Besides, the young man was hidden from the public events of his personal life. It is known that the actor has long Dating a girl, but to marry is not going to. Fiancee got the pictures of photographers who arrived at the scene of the incident with the Lyapin. Fans celebrities have been actively discussing his crush.


Performer another role in the TV series “Interns” Dmitry Caracois is also faced with serious challenges. First, the actor was severely beaten. Says the man himself, the reason for the attack was his new job in the movie.

Artist surprised that professional activity could provoke a violent assault. Soon after the incident, Dmitry decided not to insist on punishing the guilty, so the case was closed.

After some time, fate has given him another lesson. Caracois almost died in an accident in Cyprus. As admitted later by the actor, he remembered the incident for life. Being drunk, Dmitri sat behind the wheel of a car. The man went into the oncoming lane and collided with another car. If a passenger crashed into a passenger car artist from a different angle, it would no longer be alive. After that, the movie star firmly understand for yourself that never again sit behind the wheel in an alcohol intoxication.


Kristina Asmus faced with health problems. According to celebrity, the cause of the complications has become a busy schedule. She worked day and night as she received interesting offers from the Directors.

On the eve of the release of the film “Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger” Christina was in the hospital. The star was quick to reassure fans, writing on his personal page, what serious diseases it is not revealed. According to the actress, she urgently needed a break. Even before admission, the followers of the celebrity noted excessive thinness of the actress. The images from the filming of “Intern” their favorite Varvara Chernous looked tired. When the star took part in the show “Without insurance,” her health was again threatened. While recording one of the shows Christine received a serious injury – ligament damage. Doctors gave the artist an operation, so she had to leave the show.

Occurred in the life of the actress and happy change. At the end of the filming of the TV series “Interns”, she met the famous showman Garik Kharlamov. In 2013, married love, and in early 2014 became parents. Christina gave birth to a daughter Anastasia. Celebrities are happy together, what they often say in interviews and say in social networks. The actress has often said that every day with your spouse is like a holiday, and resident “Comedy club” calls his wife beautiful and the best mother for a child.

Alexander Ilyin

Alexander Ilyin remembered by audiences for her role Lobanov. In addition to filming a movie, he didn’t waste any time. The star of “Inter” talented in the musical field. He has his own punk band “Plan Lomonosova”. The actor admitted that this work considers something “extraordinary”. After all, Alexander didn’t even go in singing and playing instruments.

During the filming of the series Ilyin wondered whether he would be able to combine the two spheres of activity. He was perfectly able to play a movie, and sing. Now the actor admits he does not imagine his life without music and religion. Alexander is convinced that he avoided the tragedies in life just through faith. Alexander Ilyin: “I’m not trying to earn all the money in the world”

“I believe in God and that if to exist in a good way, nothing wrong with you will not happen. In his childhood often visited the Church. My parents and aunt and uncle are Orthodox Christians. My brother had a bunk bed, made her father. I slept downstairs, where he built a special icon corner. The only thing don’t like it when religious people begin zealously to impose their point of view,” said the actor.

Svetlana Kamynina

The role of Anastasia Kisegach Svetlana Kamynina faced with financial problems. Popularity, apparently, not brought the actress a lot of money. Recently a celebrity openly spoke about how forced to save.

Of svetalana said in an interview that does not allow their expensive Haute couture dresses, even if she will yield to a secular event. Unlike colleagues who wear luxurious dresses, the star prefers to dress modestly. While Kamynina not complains about destiny. She considers herself a practical man, not accustomed to throw money at things. Actress self since I was 16.

Vadim Demchog

In the series, Vadim Demchog playing doctor-venereologist Capitman. Last year, fans of the famous artist became known that he had changes in his personal life. Vadim divorced his wife Veronica.

Admirers of a star were shocked. Demchog never complained about his wife, on the contrary, in an interview, he always stressed that for him the main thing – a family favorite. Sources in the Babushkinsky court confirmed that the divorce of the actor really took place.

He Demchog and his wife did not comment on the breakup. For all questions they answer briefly and concisely: “we are fine!” But the artist is lucky with a job. Actor needed and is not afraid to experiment, choosing the role. For example, a few years ago he shaved her head for the sake of the game in one of the films.

Ilya Glinnikov

Ilya Glinnikov in the TV series “Interns” played the role of Gleb Romanenko. Domestic audiences loved this character. Long time viewers of TNT perceived the actor in that role. Recently, however, Glinnikov appeared in the form of the groom, appeared at the project “the Bachelor.”

In early 2017 the man decided to try his luck and find love. Some time ago he broke up with Aglaia Tarasova, which could not forget. Participation in the project brought the actor more fame. Immediately after the teaser for the new season of the show fans were stunned. Currently, the followers of Elijah curiously watching as events unfold. Participants of “the Bachelor” threw a fit Ilya Glinnikov