Tim Miller left the project “Deadpool-2”

Тим Миллер покинул проект «Дэдпул-2″

Creative differences with Ryan Reynolds left the band “Deadpool-2” without a Director. Tim Miller said that shooting the sequel to the sequel will be a different person, and that statement really upset the fans of the first part of the bawdy superhero. As it turned out, the stumbling block was the style of presentation continue the franchise. The lead actor and co-producer of the film project wanted to continue in the same spirit, so any viewers at the same time, Miller insisted on a different styling, which was to withdraw the tape from the category “adult”.

Fans, and the Fox film company was shocked with this development. “Deadpool” was an important stage in the career of Ryan and the first feature film by Miller, where all the special effects belonged to him. With a budget of 58 million dollars, the film has collected around the world over 782 million, and this despite the announced age limit.
By the way, the premiere of the second part of “Deadpool” is scheduled for January 12, 2018, and that means Studio time at a rapid pace to look for a replacement for Tim.