Tim Burton is desperately trying to get your wife back

Тим Бартон отчаянно пытается вернуть жену

Tim Burton and his wife Helena Bonham Carter broke up in 2014, much to the shocked fans and colleagues – perhaps no longer in the same extravagant Hollywood couples that seem so perfect and harmonious. Insiders claim that the Director now is in a deep depression, refused to appear at the premiere of his latest film “House of strange children Miss peregrine”.

“He misses Helena, her innate ability to anticipate any trouble..Tim has become a recluse and rarely appears in public.. He desperately wants her back and he succeeds, if she still wants it. Tim is a complicated person who always pushes people to which you are attached,” said an insider.
And here’s another source of doubt that Barton something happens.
“They will never be together. Too long have they lived in different apartments, and now she wants something more normal. She tired to play Muz Tim, he burned their feelings only in order to make a film, but as soon as the camera motor stopped, his feelings were. It could not last forever,” said the insider.
Recall that the couple separated after 13 years of marriage, in which they had two children.