Tim Burton discusses the sequel to “Beetlejuice” Keaton and Ryder

Тим Бертон обсуждает сиквел «Битлджуса» с Китоном и Райдер

Tim Burton in no hurry to please fans of the news about the start of filming the sequel to “Beetlejuice”. So the other day after talking to reporters, the Director hinted that he discussed this idea with several people involved in the first film, but so far nothing specific on this point can not say.

“Uhthen what I really would like to do in the case of the right conditions, but this is one of those films where everything has to be done right,” said Burton in an interview with Collider on may 10. — Not that the original film is so demanded a sequel, it’s not a trilogy. So, if all the elements add up — because I really love this character, and Michael Keaton is excellent in this role — we will look. But so far — nothing concrete”.

Note that Tim himself, who recently quite often, is content with the role of a producer, this time planning to stand at the helm of the film. And to perform the main roles wants to invite Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder.


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