Тиль Швайгер появится в российском фильме

German actor til Schweiger, the star of the films “Racer”, “Knockin’ on heaven”, “this Means war” and “Inglourious Basterds” received an invitation to play in the Russian film “Ilya Muromets”, which started the company “the Film Studio”.

The genre of the tape is described as a historical biopic, which tells of the once real man who became the prototype of the hero of Russian bylinas, Ilya Muromets.
Thiel has already responded to the invitation, saying that will take part in the project provided that the project will be supported at the state level. The producers also report that your consent to participate in the ribbon, gave Vladimir Mashkov.
The film will be directed by Karen Oganesyan, and the budget of the tape will be 535 million rubles. However, the Expert of the cinema Fund, said that such an amount the organization can not distinguish, since all of the tapes studios this year allocated only 1 billion rubles, so that producers will have to look for other sources.
We will remind that Ilya Muromets is considered a monk of Kiev-Pechersk monastery known by the name of Ilya Pechersky, who lived in the twelfth century and possessed remarkable strength. In 1643 he was canonized.

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