Tikhonov Mordjukova was released to her lover for three months

Тихонов отпустил Мордюкову к любовнику на три месяца Sister of actress Mordyukova Lyudmila told us how Nonna left her beloved husband Vyacheslav Tikhonov to her lover. He let her go for three months, but she never returned.
Тихонов отпустил Мордюкову к любовнику на три месяца

Vyacheslav Tikhonov this year, February 8, would have turned 90 years old. He was one of the most prominent actors of the Soviet cinema, the sex symbol of generation, the dream of millions of Soviet women. But, as evidenced by contemporaries, friends and colleagues, Vyacheslav Vasilyevich was not happy in his personal life.

He was officially married twice. Second marriage – the hostess Tamara was a calm and long, they lived together for 42 years, raised a daughter, Anna, in which Tikhonov doted, she became for him the closest person.

However, many friends are still convinced that Tikhonov, until his last day he could not forget Mordjukova Nonna, his first love, his first wife. They married in 1950 and lived together for 13 years.

In the documentary, which channel one made for the anniversary of the artist – “what was silent Vyacheslav Tikhonov?”- the friends and relatives of actor actress think about their relationship and confirm that they loved each other but were very different. It is open, emotional, passionate, and he, by contrast, discreet, silent, closed. His calm, she took for indifference. The actress has an affair with Boris Andronikashvili, ex-husband of Lyudmila Gurchenko. Sister Mordyukova Lyudmila said that Tikhonov was not only aware of his wife with another man, but let her go, but with one condition – to return to him, when the passion passes.

Тихонов отпустил Мордюкову к любовнику на три месяца“He said to her: “I beg you… Well, there is a passion in humans. Understand. I’ll give you that. Let me give you three months. Once the fire is out, come back, I will forgive, but never more so. And now I have a heavy — ” can you Imagine what he went, so only she came back. And of course she never came back…” – said Lyudmila Mordjukova.
Тихонов отпустил Мордюкову к любовнику на три месяца

Boris Andronikashvili Nonna Mordjukova has lived for five years. Officially their relationship, they are not registered. Later, years later, in 2007, Mordjukova in one television interview, I will say this about your relationship with Tikhonov: “I honestly don’t understand why we broke up. Somehow did each other wrong did. But we were not equal to carry this heavy life…»

And he is in conversation with Roland Bykov (together they lay in the same hospital, in the neighboring houses) admits that he had lost his wife because he was too quiet, kept a lot inside, could not find the words. This was stated by the widow Bykov and Elena Sanayeva.

“Through the wall in the hospital in Kuntsevo was a Roland. And one day Thank heard our first conversation. And somehow nothing special about that conversation was not… but then Roland gave me a phrase of Glory: “wow, how do you speak with Lena. Maybe if I knew such words could say, Nonna is not gone from me.” Nonna was such a wide, free-style songstress. Loved feast. Her relatives were many, she came. And he was absolutely another”, – told Sanaeva.

Before her death, Nonna Mordjukova called Tikhonov and asked ex-husband’s pardon. Witnesses to the conversation, sure he forgave her.

She died in the summer of 2008, and he was gone in a year, in December. Colleagues remember that shortly before his departure Vyacheslav is also calling everyone to ask, didn’t hurt anything, and ask for forgiveness.

By the way, in a new documentary, the actor’s daughter Anna told me that her mother, the second wife of the actor Tamara Tikhonova, also gone. However, for some reason refused to say exactly when she died.