Tiger woods will open his own rehabilitation center

Тайгер Вудс откроет собственный реабилитационный центр

The golfing legend tiger woods as many times treated in rehabe that could save a lot of money, initially opening a rehabilitation center, but better late than never. According to the publication, RadarOnline, citing insiders, the celebrity herself is interested in opening their own rehab’s. As you know, last month, tiger was arrested for driving under the influence, and not to lose chances to see his children from a previous marriage, woods decided on the treatment of addiction.

Tiger already told your friends that is going to open a private rehabilitation center as soon as it leaves the Jupiter Medical Center in Florida. There are woods treated not only alcohol dependence, but also dependence on medications.
“This is the third trip of the tiger in a rehabilitation center for eight years, and he not only sees the opening of the center’s potential for your health, but also believes that it may be a good investment both in financial terms and from a karmic point of view,” — said the insider.
Recall that in 2010, he got in medical center “the meadows” in Vickburg, Arizona, to fight the addiction to the powerful anesthetic drug Vicodin and sleeping pills Ambien, and six weeks later, he was treated for sex addiction at the center of “Gentle way” in Hattisburg.