Tiger woods went to rehab for the sake of the children

Тайгер Вудс отправился в рехаб ради детей

A famous athlete, a legend of Golf, tiger woods decided to send his life into a new direction. The last time he made a lot of mistakes, and finally – driving a car in a drug-alcohol intoxication – cost him custody of the children. To get the opportunity to see their children, 41-year-old athlete went for a 28-day treatment in a specialized clinic. Only then he can get custody of his nine-year-old daughter Sam and eight-year-old son Charlie.

Recall that on may 29, tiger was detained by police who are driving woods seemed suspicious. As was later able to identify to the coroner, he was driving in a condition of narcotic and alcoholic intoxication.
Next month tiger will be in Jupiter Medical Center in Florida, where he reserved a unit in-patient departments. According to the insiders, if woods had not decided to take this step, it would lose those 20% of custody of children which has now.
By the way, this is not the first treatment of the golfer in such institutions. So, in 2010, he was treated at The Meadows clinic, Arizona, to get rid of addiction to Vicodin after six weeks he was treated at Gentle Path of love. Unhealthy addiction cost him his marriage, his sports career and reputation. Since then, tiger had multiple surgeries related to sports injuries and plump again “hooked” on Vicodin and a cocktail of other dependence-forming drugs.
The former wife of tiger and the mother of his children, Elin asked the court to give her full custody of the children and not let the woods them. The court decided to give the mountain-father another chance, and we hope that he will use it.