Ticket sales for “Alice in Wonderland” has fallen dramatically because of the scandal with johnny Depp

Продажи билетов на «Алису в Зазеркалье» катастрофически упали из-за скандала с Джонни Деппом

As is often the case, the personal lives of artists affect the attitude of the audience to his work, and the sale of tickets for the continuation of the story “Alice in Wonderland” is proof of That. Since, as the scandal involving johnny Depp, who played in the film, and his wife , amber heard, sales have fallen several times, and to be precise – 65 percent.

Insiders claim that the producers of the film, wanted to break the record of 2010, very disappointed with the unexpected divorce of johnny and amber, but still a train of violence and drug addiction, which now follows Depp with a light feeding of his wife.
Recall that the lawsuit heard johnny accused in the beating and permanent emotional and verbal violence, paranoia and aggressive seizures caused by drugs and alcohol. After a divorce, the wife requires to get a car, a penthouse and 50 thousand dollars a month for their maintenance.

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