Three times mother?! Alsou pregnant again

Трижды мама?! Алсу снова беременна

The singer appeared in public in a free dress. Fans immediately suspected: the singer is in position.

Singer Alsou infrequent visitor to secular parties. It is no wonder that the emergence of a stellar person, and together with her daughters for colleagues and fans, was a real event.

Safina and Mikell were quite older. They gladly posed for photographs and smiled warmly to others. And yet the main attention was drawn not to the daughters and to their mother star. The reason for the discussion was the outfit of the singer…

Alsou was in a short black dress, straight cut, instead of heels – flat shoes. To the naked eye it was noticeable that the popular singer of several stout… However, when Alsou turned in profile, everything fell into place. Fans saw that the star belly rather rounded, not only as the singer pregnant!

To support this opinion say latest outfits Alsu. The singer has always been something to brag about, nature gave her perfect proportions. But instead of favorite dresses that emphasize the waist, the star wears loose shirts, tunics and jumpsuits! Well, just pregnant!

The singer its position has not yet commented. Rumor has it that she’s expecting a boy.

Photos published Alsou_fans @alsou_a (@alsuabramova.alsou) APR 10 2016 8:29 PDT

Recall that Alsu first became a mother in 2006. Since then, she became less to appear in public and to give more time to family – husband Ian and daughter Safin.

After the birth of her second daughter Mikella (was born in 2008 in Israel) Alsou has released albums, filmed clips, but rarely spoke and appeared on the secular parties. Fans, it became clear that the role of mother to the biggest stars.

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