Три правила, которые не имеют права нарушать Принц Уильям и Кейт
Rules of the Windsor — what is necessary to obtain special permission from the Queen.

Prince William and Kate Middleton with children – Prince George and Princess Charlotte


It is known that the members of the Royal family many responsibilities and rules that they must abide by. This is especially true of those who appear in the list of heirs to the British throne. For example, Prince William has no right to fly on the same plane with their children — son Prince George and her daughter Princess Charlotte for this reason. Another thing is that you can obtain special permission from the current Queen on a journey together that is almost always and makes the William. After his marriage to Kate Middleton at all manners of yard’s mellowed out a bit and members of the Royal family was allowed a few “modernize” the ancient tradition.

But there are rules laid down in the Statute books many centuries ago, to violate which is still inexcusable. For example, none of the family members are not allowed to give autographs. Because their signature can be used by criminals and to harm the reputation of the Royal dynasty. Therefore, Kate Middleton, to the surprise of many, never in the numerous meetings with different people does not leave to memory the treasured signature. Prince Charles is always in such situations, frankly says: “Sorry, but we’re not allowed”.

Similarly, it is strictly forbidden to violate one important rule — in any case, the members of the Royal family should not eat the seafood, which, as we know, may be poisonous. Not to mention the fact to never take water from the tap or eat raw meat while traveling and dining in foreign countries.