Еще три женщины обвиняют Дастина Хоффмана в домогательствах

Variety magazine was able to talk with the victims of Dustin Hoffman, who suffered from the sexually indecent behavior of the actor. One of the women, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the second that he molested her at the age of 16 right at home. The third admitted that he had suffered from improper behavior of the actor during the recording of the song for one of his films. Himself Dustin Hoffman decided not to comment on the case, and his representative, who did not immediately respond to the accusations, told People magazine that presents the stories are “lies and slander”.

Еще три женщины обвиняют Дастина Хоффмана в домогательствах

Corey Thomas, a friend’s daughter Hoffman, said that he indecently behaved with her at the age of 16, when she was still in high school. Events took place in 1980 in new York. According to the girl, which is currently engaged in drama, Hoffman invited the girls to dinner, and after him, Thomas had to go to their house to wait for his mother. The actor has decided to take a shower while she was waiting for their “Savior”. Soon Hoffman came out of the bathroom clad only in a towel. In the end, he dropped the towel. As she told Thomas that she first saw a naked man that led her in a real shock.

Hoffman immediately put on the Bathrobe and asked the girl to massage his feet. “I didn’t even know that I could do without, so I did what he told me,” says Thomas. “He kept telling me, “I’m naked, don’t want to watch?”. But then came the mother of the victim and took her home. She admitted she didn’t tell mom about what happened before that time.

The second girl was Melissa Kester, who recently graduated from College, said that he had experienced sexual violence directly during recording one of the songs for the movie “Ishtar”. Kester asked her boyfriend, who worked in a recording Studio. The girl was very fond of theatre and acting which I had a conversation with Hoffman. Soon the girl gave her phone number to actor. At the next meeting in the Studio, according to the girl, Hoffman had problems with the recording of the song and he asked her to join him in the booth to record. She was very close, and the lower part was covered from other eyes. The actor grabbed the girl she considered as a joke. The action lasted for 15-20 seconds, until the record was finished. The girl said nothing to my boyfriend and other men, but only fled to the bathroom where I was left to cry.

The third girl decided to remain anonymous and said that the matter came to sex. During the filming of the movie “Ishtar” Hoffman has made sexual contact with the girl, and soon they had sex in the hotel room.