Three-month daughter Volosozhar and Trankov started training in the pool

Трехмесячная дочь Волосожар и Транькова приступила к тренировкам в бассейне Skaters are actively encouraging the successor to the sport. Tatiana Volosozhar told that little Angelica has been swimming twice a week. A young mother insures the girl during lessons in the water.

Famous figure skaters, Olympic Champions Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov are attached to sport and their little daughter. Parents dream that their heir to grow strong and healthy child.

However, while it is not about the skates and the rink. Angelica, may 16, which was only three months, started training in the pool, baby learning to swim.

Tatiana Volosozhar was published in the microblog photo taken during one of the sessions. A young mother insures her daughter in the pool, and that, apparently, really like to be in the water. Angelica feels safe, she is confident and calm.

“We have to get Liquica to the sport from the first months of life. Go to workout 2 times a week in our favorite hospital Lapino, where there are special classes in swimming grudnichkovye. Anticipating your questions, I have to say that the water is free of chlorine and even disinfected with silver ions!” – posted by Tatiana Volosozhar under the Angelica.

Fans admired the skaters approach to the education of the heiress, they note that Angelica got wonderful parents.

“It’s great. Up to 3 months in children remains a reflex apnea. They know how to hold his breath and even swim”, “Tatiana, you are a wonderful mommy! Maxim is a great dad! Happiness to you and your baby!”, “What you done! We, too, with three weeks to go”, “Tanya and Angelica, you are very beautiful! It seems she really likes swimming. Is it warming up in the photo?”, “How nice you look!” – admire the subscribers Tatiana Volosozhar.

Recall, a couple of Olympic Champions in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov became parents for the first time on February 16 of this year: in clinical hospital “Lapino” their daughter was born. Baby born height 51 cm and weighing 3350 grams. Maxim tried to support his wife during childbirth, and therefore decided to be around her at such a crucial moment. Skaters I knew in advance that they will have a girl, but her name came up only after I saw her.

“When it was born, looked at her and realized she! Name decided to do a double, so now when filling out documents, and even Latin, it will be fun for all,” said in an interview with “StarHit” Tatiana Volosozhar.