Three demons Angelina Jolie

Три демона Анджелины Джоли
Today the famous actress turned 41.

Три демона Анджелины Джоли

Angelina Jolie in the movie “the Tourist”. 2010


She has everything: fame, money, a big family and husband, brad pitt. She’s doing what she thinks is important, and even the harshest critics do not
you can call her a playgirl. But – it’s amazing! – in
gorgeous angelina Jolie is something that does not feel it even a fraction
envy. What’s wrong with this amazing woman? Why lately her
increasingly criticized as rather strange than delightful?

Each of us has his own skeletons in the closet: the events of the past
days, meetings, spurned affection – all that seems long-forgotten, but all
same affects our lives and makes us what we are. We can
to pretend these demons do not exist, but only as long as they do not
show up and stick us in their claws. There are demons and Angelina

Someone copes in silence. Someone like Jolie, not hide
their problems and fears. And it is respected at least for his courage. Because all
their lives it gives people to understand that nobody’s perfect, nobody’s life is
cloudless, but everyone can at least try to change something- in yourself, in
the world, in the lives of those you love.

Три демона Анджелины Джоли

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Photo: Splash News/East news

Dysmorphic disorder

It may seem incredible, but Angelina, which has been repeatedly recognized the most beautiful woman in the world, suffering the rejection of their appearance – this is what is meant by the term “dysmorphic disorder”. This disorder was first described in 1886 and is one of the most common psychological problems of our time. That seems outright foolishness or foolish coquetry, actually capable of great poison life.

“I from childhood was uncomfortable in their skin,” said Angelina in an interview. – At first it was a vague uneasiness at the sight of his reflection in the mirror. Then loathing, then attempts to change something. As a teenager, I thought: maybe this is a mistake of nature? Maybe I should have been born a man? I know that such thoughts arise for many teenagers, this is a normal stage of growing up. But for me it dragged on for many years.”

Jolie believed that her face is too round, too thin legs, massive shoulders too… But the greatest suffering was caused to her lips – those full lips, which are still the most popular request of clients of plastic surgeons. Angelina does not hide that for a long time considered their lip deformity, the result of some hideous mutation, and even seriously looked for a way to reduce them.

Dysmorphic disorder often leads to such dangerous things as anorexia, all kinds of addiction and even suicidal thoughts. All this, Angelina has been through a lot in her life were and eating disorders, and drugs, and attempts to commit suicide. Suicide, however, it was attempted by someone else – a hired Hitman, because most “lacked the courage”. To trace the angelina’s struggle with BDD is quite simple: their experiments with their own appearance, tattoos, piercings, strange clothes, a sudden change of image to which she is shocked in his early youth – all symptoms of the disease and attempts to cope with it.

The source of the emergence of a still not defined. Doctors call it “multi-factor”: there are children’s problems, and authoritarian mother and father are actually renounced daughter. Deep self-doubt, anxiety disorder, lack of serotonin…

Is it possible to cure BDD? And this question has no definite answer. It can be controlled, and at some point angelina did it. She has repeatedly said that the actress helped her cope with the hatred of their appearance: “I Guess I became an actress because I always wanted to be themselves and someone else. Living someone else’s life, you begin to think your not so bad…”

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  • Три демона Анджелины Джоли
    Angelina Jolie

  • Три демона Анджелины Джоли
    Brad Pitt


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