Томас Невергрин впервые стал отцом The musician’s wife gave him a daughter. The baby was born in an elite hospital where the birth star moms. The girl’s parents named her Ivanka.

      Томас Невергрин впервые стал отцом

      Hundreds of greetings today takes Thomas Nevergrin. Today is the first time a musician became a father — his wife gave him a daughter. The beloved artist Valeriya Zhidkova gave birth to a charming baby, a photo of which the happy father immediately shared with the fans. Thomas could not contain his joy, and therefore hastened to announce the birth of his daughter to anyone who knows him.

      “Happy birthday, Ivanka, details at!” – announced in the microblog artist.

      The wife of singer gave birth to the heir in clinical hospital “Lapino”, which came to light not a single star child. Apparently, the mother and baby feel wonderful. Judging by the peaceful sight of happy fathers, he has no reason to be concerned. In the house, where they met the newly made father and little Ivanka, you can find lots of colored balloons, prepared on the occasion of the birth of a girl.

      I must say, the upcoming addition to the family Thomas and Valerie was only announced in February, when Zhidkova was already at an impressive stage of pregnancy. Then the beloved actor brought to his subscribers microbga in touching the way of the future mother. At the moment the rounded belly Valerie, it was impossible to hide, but because the parents decided to hide the happy news makes no sense.

      Apparently very soon Thomas Nevergrin, his wife and newborn daughter at home, where they have already everything prepared. The couple eagerly awaited the birth of his daughter and managed responsibly to approach to her appearance.

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