Томас Маркл опубликовал личное письмо от Меган Маркл

Thomas Markle, father of Meghan Markle, is not going to put up with the new status of his daughter. Another trick Thomas was the publication of a personal letter from Megan in the Daily Mail, in which the Duchess asks the father to stop to smear her and communicate through the tabloids.

Томас Маркл опубликовал личное письмо от Меган Маркл

“If you love me like you say in the press, please stop. Let us live our lives. Please, stop to lie, to hurt, to exploit my relationship with my husband. I see you huddled deep in the rabbit hole and think no way out, but think about it – to live with a clear conscience is more valuable than any money in the world” writes Markle.

Megan’s heart is broken! She didn’t understand why dad says about her and her new family, it always helped him! “I have always loved, supported and defended you, helped you financially as I could, worried about your health. And always asked how I can help. Before the wedding I found out that you had a heart attack. I wrote and called you. I asked you to accept my help, we sent to you a person’s home. But instead of accepting help, you ceased to answer calls and prefer to communicate through the tabloids,” writes Megan.

Megan asked the Pope not to support the half-sister that, according to a former actress, she “barely knows”. If you think that using the letter Markle tried to make peace, the father does not think so. He saw the letter only hate that also, and noticed Samantha. Half-sister to the Duchess continues to reproach her. She blames Markle of commercialism and selfishness, the alleged sister does not want to recognize themselves as part of the genus Markle. No. if I had 600 million dollars, I would be worried about her”, that’s what Samantha wrote on Twitter.

Recall that the representatives of Kensington Palace, watching the official accounts in social networks, appealed to the public with a request to stop the open persecution of the 37-year-old Kate Middleton and 37-year-old Megan Markle. Constant aggression in the comments is beginning to shift to real conflicts.

“In the media all the time there are rumors that Duchess feuding with each other. This information and many people start is on the side of one of the women, aggressive comparing them with each other. And often it’s very sexist comments. Men don’t usually compare, saying: “She walks funny, and her heels are too high and his legs too thin”,” — said Emily Nash, Royal correspondent for Hello!

It’s complicated. Meghan Markle constantly accused of false pregnancy and attract attention to himself. Why are only nicknames and constant threats particularly menacing Hayter. Kate called boring and glum, and constant comparison duchesses led to violent disputes in the network. “Palace always been in the moderation of comments is a very time consuming thing. In the past year, they had to block hundreds of thousands of insulting cases, two thirds of them contained a hard threat. Sometimes blocking users and deleting comments is not enough, and the staff of the Palace is forced to seek help from the police,” explained Nash.

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