Томас Маркл не понимает, почему с ним не общается дочь

The father of Meghan Markle can not understand why the daughter does not communicate with him, and he was trying so hard to get in contact with her, giving interviews about his personal life and accusing the Royal family. Despite the fact that Thomas has promised more interviews to give, he again appeared on the show and answered questions.

Thomas can’t understand why her daughter refuses to communicate with him and chose to replace the Royal family. But it is no worse than them. and behaves decently. Thomas notes that the conduct of the Royal it is “not ideal”. As reported by the father of Megan’s Daily Mail, unlike Harry, he “though not played pool naked and not dressed as a Nazi.” Markle recalled a scandal that happened around the Prince in 2005: he came in a Nazi uniform to a costume party. And in 2012 played naked Billiards in Las Vegas.

Markle’s father asks his daughter not to believe in the lies spread about him. To expose the entire lie that you read about it in the media, Thomas has shown the medical documents that confirm heart attack, which but could not appear at his daughter’s wedding!

Recall that in the previous interview, Thomas said that he attended the wedding of Megan with producer Trevor Engels. The event took place on a Jamaican beach and in the roots differed from the Royal. A photo with the father not only because he was asked to focus on the newlyweds. However, one photo is! It is Megan’s dad before the ceremony.

“The photo was taken when I walked to her Bungalow just a few minutes before the ceremony. I was very proud and full of emotion when I saw my baby in a beautiful white dress. We took pictures, and then together with Dooriya held Megan to the altar,” says the Thomas.

One photo has not been — Thomas also presented images from Megan and Trevor sitting on the beach in bathing suits. The ceremony was held on 10 September 2011. As stated by Thomas Markle, was attended by 100 guests, including the cast of the TV show “Force majeure”, which famous actress. Everyone in got a gift a small bag of marijuana. “It’s illegal, but not in Jamaica. After all, it is customary to eat the grass. I personally do not smoke pot, Megan, as far as I know, too, so your gift I gave to some of the guests.”

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