This Valery you have not seen!

Такой Валерию вы еще не видели! On the eve of the birthday of the singer has changed beyond recognition. Why, she explained “StarHit”. The extravagant shape of a star caused a stir at a recent movie premiere, but this release did not stop.

      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      Today Valeria is celebrating her birthday. In the morning, the artist receives a lot of congratulations – including calls from friends and colleagues, and pleasant in microblog posts from loyal fans. For two decades, conducted by Valeria on stage, she managed to fall in love with even the biggest skeptics who believed that after the divorce, her career came to an end.

      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      Creative way, as well as the road to personal happiness, were for pop stars is not easy, but every time I received one from the fate of the slap, the rain went on. Recently, the celebrity has released a unique album called “Oceans”, a song which is already ranked at the top of the charts.

      Shortly before his 48th birthday, the artist surpassed herself Valeria was struck by the drastic change in public image and on this occasion arranged for an extravagant photo shoot. “StarHit” not only remembers how to change the style of the star for twenty years, but also shows the singer as no one has ever seen.

      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!


      At the end of March Valery shocked everyone – restrained blonde with light makeup changed the image and turned into a harsh punk-Princess with short hair, lightening the eyebrows. “The end of the last and beginning of this year brought me a small emotional disturbance, – explained the singer. – The youngest son, 17-year-old Arseny, fell in love with a girl and left home. A month later changed his mind and returned. Joseph said it correctly: “All the troubles in this world from women. They can make us both very happy and unhappy and poor”.

      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      And I realized once again that everything can change in one second. Need the strength to accept it. On April 17 I was 48 years old. Before I thought have not changed, and decided to play with the image showed the other side of nature”. “StarHit” have selected a few images of the singer, as she told the events that prompted her to radically change.


      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      Remember shot in Bali video for the song “drop”. It was there on 2 April and noted birthday Yosi. In the morning he went for a run, and I prepared a surprise for him: put a basket of flowers, a bottle of champagne, cake and tablet iPad – he had long dreamed about it. Joseph was happy as a child. And that night we arranged a candlelit dinner. That year I won the award for “Best performer” award of MUZ-TV. Felt peaceful and confident. Under this the perfect mood light playful Bob.”


      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      Behind the divorce, I left show business and with three children, left his native Atkarsk. In 2003, he met with Joseph Prigozhin. I was told that josja shark show business, and he was open, somewhat reminiscent of a child. Joseph helped to resolve all litigation with Shulgin and brought me back on stage. And in June 2004 we got married, began a new and happy phase of life. The changes affected the exterior – I blossomed. A blonde, started wearing bright clothes, always smiled”.


      Такой Валерию вы еще не видели!

      Problems with Shulgin began immediately after the birth of Ani in 1993. This photo is made just in that period: a frame from the shoot for German Cosmopolitan, style did Sergei Zverev. The shooting came three days. The first night after the photo shoot Shulgin showed his temper at dinner he didn’t like a word, and he stabs me in the leg. The pain started crying, I tried not to weep, because in the next room sleeping Anya. The next day, on the ground lied that a home accident”.


      For a few months before the end of the Gnesins Academy, I met with Alexander Shulgin. Girlfriend asked to substitute the speech in the restaurant. At the end of the evening came Shulgin, said that fell in love with my voice! We signed some papers and started to work. Then in our country, a style no one did, I was taken to Germany. There was repainted in red color. Then there was the shopping: I bought a lot of things, including a fur coat from artificial fur, it is in the photo. Returned it to Moscow, and all heads turned, and I was teeth chattering from the cold. Left to my own devices, would wear something warmer, but I didn’t buy”.

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