«Этот проект для взрослых»: сын Ольги Орловой не смотрит «ДОМ-2» The actress admitted that 17-year-old Artem infrequently introduced her to girls – all thoughts of a graduate now employed by the University. But despite this, the singer already has certain ideas about what should be the future daughter-in-law. Olga Orlova, she is ready to help the heir in love Affairs. But the project “DOM-2”, in which the artist, the young man prefers not to watch.
«Этот проект для взрослых»: сын Ольги Орловой не смотрит «ДОМ-2»

40-year-old singer and the leading reality show “DOM-2” Olga Orlova one has a son Artem. This year the boy graduated from high school. And although his mother runs a program where it helps to find young people a soul mate, 17-year-old is not seeking to have Affairs. Olga insists, but does not hide – she already has some points that must meet the girl who plans to become a part of their family.

“Of course I have requirements for the future daughter-in-law, but to live it with him. Let him choose the girl that would have appealed to him. If only he was happy, and I will accept any decision. The material prosperity of the future wife of the son is also unimportant – for example, I myself come from a simple family,” – says Orlov.
«Этот проект для взрослых»: сын Ольги Орловой не смотрит «ДОМ-2»

Olga admits that ready that soon she would have to meet the choice of Artem. However, a graduate is not yet interested in issues of relationship, he’s not even looking “HOUSE-2” where the mother helps the couples to build love. The artist on the one hand calm the son – now all of his powers aspiring for admission to the University. But it seems that at this age he should pay more attention to the girls.

The son of Olga Orlova: “In love I am inexperienced comrade”

“When it starts “HOUSE-2″, he is asleep. This project is for adults. I’m not against the bride of his son, but he leads a little. I would at his age, drove more,” admits the singer.

It is possible that Olga will be able to influence the attitude of a son to his personal life. At the time, she managed to convince Artem need to learn. Moreover, it has introduced a rewards system. The teenager knew if he would finish school with a gold medal, he will get a big gift. Orlov does not know what will give his son, but inclined to tourists. The singer admitted in an interview with “Interlocutor” that Artem not nervous before entering the University.

“We are in a few universities filed documents – all will depend on the results of the exam. Wants to the University. I in this plan support. I believe that every child must choose his future direction. I’m not pressing him to bow – he decides, I support. I have, incidentally, also higher economic education”, – said Orlov.