This means war: Jolie doesn’t want to accept – pitt take the kids yourself

Значит, война: Джоли не хочет мириться - Питт заберет детей себе

Brad changed his mind and wants to become a “Sunday dad”.

Divorce Jolie and pitt in danger of becoming the most notorious divorce process this year. Disassembly of mega-stars have lasted more than a month!

And if on the division of property questions arise (after all, the spouses have a marriage contract), here – with whom the children will live is decided in court.

Jolie has already applied to the court with the statement for sole custody. Pitt initially took a break. They say, “honey scolded, but only pampered”. But, as I understand that the intention of the wife is very serious, filed a counterclaim.

According to insiders, pitt wants to participate in the life of Maddox, pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. And certainly don’t intend to become a “Sunday dad”.

Yes, and not all children of the star couple want to stay with mom. 12-year-old pax and 10-year-old Shiloh dream to move to dad’s. According to U.S. magazine OK! they have always been close to her father.

However, to get custody pitt will not be easy. Despite the popularity and links of an actor, he is still under investigation. Law enforcement agencies are still investigating whether it was child abuse.

Recall, Angie divorce filed in early September. And the reason stated “irreconcilable differences”. However, it soon appeared that the disorder in the family began with pitt’s quarrel with his eldest son. Jolie did not like that pitt fell on the child. But it soon became clear that was not the first.