«В это невозможно поверить»: фигуристы скорбят по зверски убитому Денису Тену Denis tena brutally murdered in Almaty, when 25-year-old skater tried to stop the robbers. Colleagues of the athlete was shocked by the sad news. Alexei Yagudin, Irina Slutskaya, Evgeny Medvedev, and many others hastened to Express condolences to the relatives of the deceased.
«В это невозможно поверить»: фигуристы скорбят по зверски убитому Денису Тену

The sports world is harsh, so despite the high level of competition, the stars used to stand up for each other. When on July 19 it became known about the brutal murder of the bronze medalist Denis ten, his fellow skaters are unable to stay away.

Tatiana Tarasova called lawlessness skater tena’s death during a robbery

One of the first social network commented Alexei Yagudin. Famous athlete were friends for many years with Dennis, and is therefore called immediately to find the criminals that robbed the world of a great skater. Later, he recorded a touching video, and talking about the companion, could not restrain his tears.

“Today something happened that wasn’t supposed to happen that we never expected. We spent the whole day crying because I died not just a skater, and chelovechische. Yura, Oksana, we even can’t imagine that happens to you. Sorry may be not saved your son,” shared experiences Yagudin.
«В это невозможно поверить»: фигуристы скорбят по зверски убитому Денису Тену

His wife Tatiana Totmianina also are unable to stay away. She stressed that what happened is a real tragedy that should not have happened. “XXI century, and such a wild, brutal injustice! God, give strength to the parents to relive the incident,” wrote the athlete.

Olympic champion in ice dancing Ekaterina Bobrova told the fans that are crying and cannot believe what happened. Skater called on all to pray for the repose of the soul of Denis ten.

“God always takes the best. That would never happen, but we can only pray that there in heaven, in the arms of God, our beloved Denis found his last rest. We will always remember. Most sincere condolences to the family and friends. I’m crying. And I refuse to believe it,” wrote Bobrov.
«В это невозможно поверить»: фигуристы скорбят по зверски убитому Денису Тену

No less emotional was the skater-singles and Catherine Tuktamysheva. Like many who knew tena, she noted that he was incredibly bright, sincere person. “A great sorrow today in the world of figure skating and not only there. Died a wonderful man, Denis Ten. One of the most radiant, sincere, open people I have ever met in my life. Let the earth you rest in peace” — shared his emotions the athlete.

Ilya Averbukh said that Denis Ten was an incredibly intelligent man. Despite frequent criticism of detractors, he has again and again proven that it is one of the best skaters in the world.

“Terrible and unimaginable tragedy. It’s hard to believe. Always delicate, intelligent, airy, with strong and a real fighter. Proving time and again their superiority over those who didn’t believe in him. Man with a capital letter. Remember those who are gone. The bright memory of, Denis Ten,” wrote Averbukh.
«В это невозможно поверить»: фигуристы скорбят по зверски убитому Денису Тену

But Evgeny Plushenko took the death of tena as a personal loss. The fact that skaters have been known for many years, they often met during the competition and had warm and friendly relations.

“Denis, my friend, no words. Kind, sincere, modest. Remember, as a little boy I first saw you when you watched my workout. I don’t want to believe. You were a decoration of any tournament and any show! The whole skating world mourns, as your people, and your country and your fans around the world! Remember and love. Most sincere condolences to the family and friends. Hold on,” — said Plushenko.

Irina Slutskaya was also hard to believe the tragedy. According to the Olympic champion, terrified, not supposed to happen in the modern world, and the criminals who killed tena, deserve capital punishment. “Why are these scum still walk the earth? For anything to take the life of a young boy, a beautiful, successful, talented. This loss, which is immense and never. Ridiculous. Can’t believe it. Don’t want to believe. My deepest condolences to the parents,” wrote the skater on Instagram.

A touching message to the bronze medalist of the Olympic games left and Evgenia Medvedeva. According to female athletes, she spent years talking with Zed, and even could not imagine that her friend and colleague will leave this life so early. “Dennis seemed to be the most exciting, unusual and one of the most creative people in the world of figure skating. It is impossible to believe. I don’t want and can’t believe.

Condolences to all loved ones of Dennis. I will never forget his laughter,” — said about his feelings an athlete.

Recall that Denis Ten died from stab wounds in a hospital in Almaty. According to media reports, the two criminals tried to twist the mirror from the vehicle to the skater. When an athlete wanted to resist them, a scuffle ensued, during which the bronze medalist of the 2014 Olympics were dealt a blow by a knife in the thigh.

In the hospital, tena was taken in a state of clinical death. The doctors fought for his life for two hours, but in the end the skater died from loss of blood. Now all forces of Kazakhstan police is on the lookout for the killers.

“I don’t believe it! It was exactly a month ago… We sat at the press conference of your ice show and all of you listened carefully, because besides the fact that you were an outstanding athlete, were you more erudite, intelligent, well-read and intelligent man, who always wanted to listen to. I know you have more than 10 years and all this time you were a ray of light which shone only warmth, kindness and positive! You always joked. You have always supported me in any times of my life and helped. In a personal conversation we shared plans for life, and they were so grandiose that I always wondered how one man can do it! You were a workaholic! You have a talent! You were a patriot and loved Kazakhstan. You were a man of your word. I was proud that I have such friend! I always looked up to you! And I think not only me … You were the idol of millions! I still got a lot to say, but what a pity that I can’t tell you this in person… it hurts!… You will forever remain in our hearts because, like you a little! Why fight it the best? My friend, rest in peace,” wrote Russian figure skater Elena Radionova on the personal page in Instagram.