Это конец: брак Бузовой и Тарасова официально расторгнут
TV presenter and football player was divorced.

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: Instagram.com

Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are officially divorced. This morning the couple appeared in court to receive official documents for termination of the marriage. Contrary to the hopes of fans “tarabostes”, hoping for a reconciliation, couples, TV presenter and footballer all the same divorced. First to the courthouse was approached by the car Tarasova and Buzova appeared at the last moment, according to the portal Life.

The news that Olga has filed for divorce from Dmitri appeared online on November 29. However, the problems in the relationship of the star couple appeared much earlier. The first suspicions that Buzova and her husband ran a “black cat” appeared after Olga had suddenly ceased to publish a joint photo with Dmitry that was full of microblog TV presenter. After that there were rumors that Tarasov started a relationship with model Anastasia Kostenko. At the time of the scandal connected with the appearance of the mistress at Tarasova, Buzova flew with a friend to Spain, where reporters filmed Olga sobbing inconsolably. However, no comments about his personal life, she never gave.

After the Network has information about Olga filed a petition for divorce, personal correspondence Buzova was under attack. Thus the breakup of Kim and her husband acquired the scandalous details, revealed as a result of hacking personal messages of Olga.

About how did Olga still part of the capital Tarasova is not reported. However, some time ago Dmitry had personally told about the presence of a pre-nuptial agreement, according to which Buzova after the divorce, should get half of jointly acquired property during the marriage.