“This is not a game, this is her and my life”: Prince Harry confirmed his romance with Meghan Markle

«Это не игра, это ее и моя жизнь»: принц Гарри подтвердил роман с Меган Маркл

Prince Harry made an official appeal to the public and the press, which was asked to leave the attacks on his girlfriend, the star of the show “suits” Meghan Markle.

«Это не игра, это ее и моя жизнь»: принц Гарри подтвердил роман с Меган Маркл

In late October, Western media reported that Prince Harry (Prince Harry) is Dating actress Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle). Initially, Kensington Palace refused to comment, but after a series of different rumors about the relationship of a grandson of the British Queen and star of the series “Force majeure” (Suits), the press service of the Palace published on behalf of Prince Harry official statement. In it, he confirmed relationship with Markle and asked to respect his and her privacy.

“Prince Harry is aware that there is a high degree of curiosity of the public about his personal life. It has always caused him discomfort, but he learned to be less susceptible to the publications of the media. He rarely answered any stories about him and worked hard to develop a media relations professional to light his work and themes that concern.

But the events of last week crossed the line. His girlfriend Meghan Markle was subject to a wave of harassment. Some of them were public: slander on the first page of a national newspaper, the racial subtext of the comic reviews, sexism and racism in the media and on the Internet. The other was hidden from public view. For example, night court battle with the newspaper, or how her mother had to sneak to the front door through the crowd of photographers. The attempts of reporters and paparazzi who tried to illegally enter her house, calls the police, which followed a substantial bribe offered by her ex-boyfriend, attack almost every friend, colleague and loved one,” the statement reads.

“Prince Harry worried about the safety of miss Markle and deeply disappointed that he was unable to protect her. He didn’t want a few months of relationship with him, miss Markle was subjected to. He knows what the commentators are saying that this is “the price that she must pay” and “part of the game.” He categorically disagree. This is not a game. It’s her and his life.

He requested that this statement be published, in the hope that the press, which was the driving force behind this story, will stop and think before you take further actions. He knows it’s unusual to release such a statement, but hopes that the honest people will understand why he found it necessary to speak publicly.”