Это любовь: Джаред Лето и зеленый плащ Gucci

The actor appeared at the premiere of the film “suicide Squad” in a shocking manner.

Who said that fall in love at first sight is possible only in person? Well, or in extreme cases, in a cute kitten? Here is Jared Leto, for example, had lost the power of speech from the mere green cloak! Yes, I fell so seriously that already came in it to the premiere of the fantastic insurgent “suicide Squad”.

Interestingly, the new bright green color with gold buttons celebrity was spotted on the Gucci show at fashion Week in Milan. How then joked to fans, it was love at first sight-it was Enough just to see an inspired look Jared, Yes, it is an outdoor delight your mouth.

And therefore it is no wonder that Milan Summer has already flown, no one, and with your favorite raincoat in the suitcase. The premiere of the film was a good opportunity to walk a new thing… the Way the singer complements trousers pale pink and black loafers. But was he or not, hope you enjoy it.

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