This is a must see! Lubov Uspenskaya younger by 20 years

Это надо видеть! Любовь Успенская помолодела на 20 лет

And all for the sake of filming with Phillip Kirkorov. Not surprisingly, Philip is now in shock! Because now 62-year-old singer looks much younger than his 48 years. Woman’s Day figured out the recipe of the rapid transformation of the assumption. As it turns out, plastic surgeons nothing to do with it!

View Lyubov Uspenskaya now will not give more than forty. And fresh images that the singer posted on his page on “Instagram”, has caused a flurry of admiration.

Fans bombarded the singer with compliments: “You never know! You look gorgeous,” “Love, you are just gorgeous!!! I love You,” “very, very, Very beautiful!!!! Unreal! The image is super!”, “God what a beautiful!!!!!!”

While we love the usual – not a Studio, with artfully exposed light, and a home-made cell phone. Sloppy this is the backstage from the shooting of the new joint clip of the singer and king of Russian pop Philip Kirkorov.

And here it is they singer, the exchanged seventh ten, looks twenty, and even thirty younger than her contemporaries.

My first thought, of course, about plastic surgeons. But the assumption for a truly magical transformation not thanked the physicians and the St. Petersburg fashion designer Igor Gulyaev.

“Today is the birthday of the best designer of the 22nd century, Igor Gulyaev, – wrote the singer under a common photo with him. – Thank you for your fine taste for talent, because you made me so beautiful on the video shoot with Philip. Success to you all, love, hug, I want to work with you!”

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So, according to love, it’s all in a great mood, and beautiful dresses for the clip. But his make-up artist Vadim Andreev, who is also seen in the photo, the singer only mentioned. Although Vadim has extensive experience stellar make – up- among his regular clients Natasha Koroleva, Anna Khilkevich, and recently more and Elena vayenga, who also surprised fans suddenly blooming beauty and femininity.

So let’s do justice: rejuvenated assumption is not only original outfits, but a good, truly professional and quality makeup.

Well, Kirkorov, you ask? He refreshed on the background Ludmila looked a little bit old, but impressive. In the spirit of the song “I forget you”, which was written for the duet of the soloist of group “uma Thurman” Vladimir Kristovskiy.

Premiere of hit took place at “New wave – 2015” in Sochi. But the clip decided to shoot just now. In the story the heroine of the assumption and the character Kirkorov was in two different cities. She is in Moscow, he is in new York. And feelings have not stood the test of miles.

“The hand over the candle burned words

You’re not with it, I am again wrong.

I let go sadness, not sorrow;

Remain – forgive, and you leave good – bye”.

In General, the usual for our stage history. But in order to evaluate rejuvenated assumption, the video is still worth viewing at least once. More is expected to premiere very soon – in may.

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