Third pregnancy, Kim Kardashian attempt to save the crumbling ratings of her reality show

Третья беременность Ким Кардашьян — попытка спасти обвалившиеся рейтинги её реалити-шоу

Do not go to save a show that feeds you! – In reality TV program “Life with the Kardashians” Kim Kardashian is planning a new pregnancy. Caved last week to a historic low ratings of a TV show is not a joke alarmed the family. By a strange coincidence, Kim Kardashian immediately began to talk about the desire to have a third child. Fans and especially haters of the family Kardashian-Jenner immediately suspected that Kim is just looking for a sensitive issue, which would bring back the rating of the show.

Everyone knows that the first and second pregnancy, Kim was not a simple one, and the third time the doctors forbade her to bear and give birth to a child alone. Now Kardashian claims that looking for a surrogate mother for them with Kanye West third baby.
“New sufferings Kim about the pregnancy are splanirovannim a move to attract the attention of the public. She invented this story with Kris (Kim’s mother – approx.AVT) and the producers of the show. Chris promised to pay Kim and Kanye to a million dollars in a week if they again raise the ratings of the show. She knows that this is the last hope for the existence of the program,” said the insider.
Recall that during the broadcast of the show the family is well earned and almost all of them have found their niche. So the closure of the program scares only the mother of the participants and program Manager Kris Jenner, which the world converged wedge on its offspring. She is ready for everything just “living with the Kardashian” lasted in the air for several years.