Thinner to 23 kilograms Polina Gagarina shared their diet

Похудевшая на 23 килограмма Полина Гагарина поделилась диетой
The singer frankly told about how to quickly get in shape after childbirth.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

With the birth of her second child in April of this year, it took not much time, and Polina Gagarina has almost returned to the previous form (before the second pregnancy, she weighed 53 kilograms). Singer some time ago admitted that he did not observe any diets during the “expectations”, so get on the scale at the doctor’s she was just plain scary. “My doctor was an agreement not to talk about my weight. She weighed me silently, I closed my eyes, it is all recorded in the map and we went. In the hospital I walked with the weight of 78.5…” — says Polina.

Released from the clinic, which came to light MIA, Paulina launched the plan for the return of lost slim figure. To do this, she sat on a diet, advised her friend. “It looks like this: morning – carbohydrate, preferably porridge to long digested, day – protein, fiber, evening — again protein. What’s important! Be sure to observe the intervals between meals and do not overeat, there are in one serving as much as fits in the palm of your hand, that is, small portions.

The main principle — do not stay hungry, if I want to eat (so) — find a chicken or, for example, protein without the yolk. The main problem faced by I — discipline. To cook, take food out of the house and then time to eat. But over time you get used to everything, and if you have the motivation to do all as pretty!” — says Polina. To achieve the perfect shape Pauline left to deal with only three extra pounds. However, now the actress already has no doubt that will become probably even more slender than it was before the birth.