Похудевшая Опра Уинфри удивила новым секси-имиджем

The main media personality of America decided to demonstrate to the public their changing figure. On one of the social events she appeared in her unusual sex appeal.

Look sexy and feminine in ‘ 62? Oprah Winfrey on own example has proved that nothing is impossible. On the red carpet premiere of the film “Queen sugar,” she shone with a new stunning piece and in absolutely unusual image.

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Just a year ago or even nine months ago, Oprah Winfrey could not even think that I will be able to appear in public in a sexy ultrastyragel the toilet. Then the basis of night the stars were bright, oversized dresses with flounces and draperies. While the style of the presenter difficult to be called sexy. But that all changed! In August 2016 Oprah showed the world the new you, who had lost 28 pounds. This changed not only her weight, but the style of dress. At the premiere of “Queen sugar Oprah dazzled in a little black dress, stressing the graceful curves of her body.

Now, Winfrey can be seen more often in a narrow and very seductive toilets. You should give her her due: not every 62-year-old woman will be decided on such a radical change of image!

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