Thinner Dina Garipova won’t know fans

Похудевшую Дину Гарипову не узнают поклонники The winner of the show “the Voice” struck an incredible harmony. Dina Garipova, yesterday celebrated its 25th anniversary, not only dropped several pounds but also changed hair color, adding light strands.

      Похудевшую Дину Гарипову не узнают поклонники

      The winner of the first season of the popular project of the First channel “Voice” Dean Garipova is getting prettier day by day. On the eve of the singer who, on 25 March celebrated its 25th anniversary, demonstrated the followers of a microblog, that is simply in great shape.

      The picture shows Dina Garipova depicted in figure-hugging black gown, which emphasizes her noticeably postroynevshaya figure. In the beauty with a thin waist hard to guess a contestant on “the Voice”, first appearing in front of millions of viewers in 2012, a girl with a very curvy shape and chubby cheeks. Besides the fact that she broke up with overweight, which, however, it did not wreck, Dina Garipova and changed hair color. Her dark curls added light strands. The new image really suits the singer, which he immediately noted her fans. “Dean, you are beautiful!”, “Very beautiful and lovely!”, “Beauty” – they are showered with compliments by your favorite singer, talented, but extremely modest girl.

      Похудевшую Дину Гарипову не узнают поклонники

      It is worth noting that Dina had once told me that making excellent progress in losing weight with the support of her beloved husband. According to her, no drastic measures to achieve the result she did not take. The basis of its inherent slimming healthy food, small portions and refraining from fried food. “To a healthy, balanced diet I came with my husband. Together we read a lot about various diets and chose a quite comfortable way. We refused any fried foods, and eat everything else in small amounts. Thus, I did not cut from the diet any product, just consume a little. And, of course, do not eat in the evening. In the extreme case, may allow one piece of fruit or tea without sweets”, – said the singer in an interview.

      Recall, Dina Garipova got married last summer. About his chosen star prefers not to tell, she had long ago decided that privacy will be keep secret even from his fans. With marriage, according to Garipova, she started a completely different life. However, the singer still tours a lot and, fortunately, her husband is understanding to the fact that wives are often not at home.

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