Похудевшая Анна Семенович сорвалась с диеты Leading are unable to resist the sweet treat. For the first time in a long time, Anna Semenovich re-tasted ice cream. According to star, eating a cone for Breakfast, she felt like a little girl.

      TV presenter Anna Semenovich went on vacation to Germany. Like many stars, the woman decided not to refuse during the holidays. S., recently demonstrated a slim figure in a bodycon dress, forget about dietary restrictions and try European several varieties of ice cream in a sugar cone. Anna Semenovich shocked thinness

      “Yesterday he refused dinner so tonight it’s so strange to have Breakfast. How I love it! Hundred years did not eat ice cream, I feel incredibly happy little girl, which was awarded sweets for a fiver in mathematics,” wrote Anna in his microblog.

      Some users of the social network suspect that the presenter often adjust your photos with image editors, so looks so slim and toned. According to followers, the star even corrects skin imperfections with the help of special filters. S. pays no attention to criticism from detractors. The woman is of the opinion that if you get rid of aggression, fear and guilt, it is possible to reach a state of harmony. “Life sees the real us and not what we want to appear to themselves and others. Watch what happens in your life, and you will be able to know yourself” – this motto is guided by Anna.

      By the way, S. has never been obsessed with thoughts of becoming excessively thin. However, before the important event, the woman still arrange fasting days, eating protein and vegetables. Anna repeatedly stated that she is completely happy with her figure. According to star, the most important thing is to love yourself at any weight.

      “What is thinness? 48 or 58 pounds? Everyone has their own opinion. Not everyone can be a supermodel. In ordinary life, you either look or you don’t. And how much you weigh does not matter. We need to be healthy, beautiful and happy – that’s the main task of every woman. I’m a girl in body, but I think your figure is beautiful, I have pumped muscles, elastic skin. Almost no cellulite through cardio, massage, algae wraps and mesotherapy”, – said the presenter.