Thinner Anna Mikhalkov won’t know fans

Похудевшую Анну Михалкову не узнают поклонники Mother of many children was struck by the incredible beauty. Anna Mikhalkov promised myself in the new year to continue the struggle for harmony. Fans of the 42-year-old actress surprised by her transformation and argue that it has become like a James bond girl, which is embodied on the screen the Frenchwoman Lea seydoux.

      The daughter of a famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov actress Anna Mikhalkov has surprised fans with his incredible transformation. Mother of many children, who after the birth of her daughter in 2013, joined the struggle for a slender figure, unwilling to take positions. Apparently, Anna Mikhalkova strictly watching what he was eating and trying to move more, making the extra pounds melt away without a trace.

      The, which before was placed in his microblog actress, has demonstrated that willpower works wonders. Mother of many children it looks like a young girl.

      “Well, in the New year with new plans. I promise to be better, I promise not to swear at children, to be a good mother, traditionally a promise to yourself to lose weight, I promise not to be lazy, a lot of dancing and drinking champagne. Well, something like that…”, – signed photo of Anna Mikhalkova.

      New selfie made a splash among the subscribers of the daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov. They compliment the star, not hiding the fact that did not recognize the girl in the photo his favorite actress.

      “Right girl, you guys look great”, “that’s me, you didn’t even know. Gorgeous! You look very good in red lipstick”, “Anya, are you in this picture like a bond girl Lea seydoux”, “Anya?! Yes, you never know!”, “And I didn’t recognize. You are very younger and prettier, to lose weight no more”, “you Look gorgeous!”, “You look slender, gorgeous!”, “Anya, I wish you to be surprised and to surprise, it is not necessary to lose weight, you’re pretty”, So thin”, – admire the beauty of Anna Mikhalkova her fans.

      It should be noted that Mikhalkov can boast not only a brilliant career in cinema, but also a strong family. Three children constitute its true happiness. Eldest son Andrew is 16 years, middle-Sergei – 15, and the youngest daughter Lydia in September celebrated its third birthday. Spouse star, businessman albert Tanks, doted on his wife, however, as she’s in it. Anna pays a lot of attention to the education of children, as heirs stand to her in the first place, and then the work is going. Anna Mikhalkova fixated on the success of the children

      Boys do well in school once I ended a famous actress. Mikhalkov is interested in assessments of children, and also communicates with other parents. According to the woman, she was pleased when she hears about Sergei and Andrei good reviews. As recognized by Mikhalkov, in a circle of friends she does not need to recognize. House, Anna – wife and mother, as her husband and children that matters, not the number of awards, and the care and attention.