Похудевшая Анита Цой показала фигуру в купальнике
The singer boasted the result of exercises and proper nutrition.

Anita Tsoi this year failed to set up a proper long rest. The singer has regained strength in fits and starts between touring performances. Recently, for example, she held a concert in the round “10/20” in Sochi. Of course, on the morning of the day that was supposed to pass the performance, Anita, dressed in a striking bathing suit, ran to the beach.

But for Choi, accustomed to an active life, lying on the sun loungers is strictly not suitable. So she rented a boat and rode it along the coast. “The entire first half of the day went by sea, dive from the Board, swam, sunbathed and ate ice cream — grabs Anita. — Just amazing! I am the daughter of Wind and Sea. And that’s it!” Fans noticed that Choi is markedly postrhinal and gave her lots of compliments.

The secret Anita, once weighed more than 100 pounds, in that it adheres strictly to the established order: she started to only eat correct and healthy food, more exercise and drink a lot of water. “If I want anything, I’ll allow it. Fortunately, I’m completely indifferent to sweet. Strong alcohol is also not for me. But I can safely drink a glass of good wine with dinner. And if the soul asks hot pilaf cauldron, I will not resist this desire. Food, like life, must enjoy. Just don’t forget that after the gluttony waiting for you on a cleanse or a gym…,” said Anita.