Things from Zara and Mango acknowledged dangerous

Things from Zara and Mango acknowledged dangerous

The products of these brands did not pass the test of Roskoshestvo.

Roskoshestvo conducted a painstaking study of men’s shirts the most popular brands. The results, I must say, very surprised…

Under the fan testing were 29 samples of shirts and import and domestic firms: Allan Neumann, Fortunato, Brostem, Dobroshiv, Conti UOMO, Authentic, O’STIN, VOGEL, Greg, Bruno Banani, River Island, <url>, H&M, Zara, TOPMAN, V. B, Galta, SELA, Hans Grubber, Baon, Oodji, John Jeniford, Favourite, Incity, Tom Farr, MNG, Chkalov, Livanso, Bellford. Each sample was examined according to 12 parameters of quality and safety.

One of them is the information content of the markings. As it turned out, on the tags and packages, half of the samples there is absolutely no information either about the composition of things, or its origin, only the company name, size and SKU. And this is in blatant contravention of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Other companies have filled in the tag information, however, is false. As studies have shown, most manufacturers falsifiziert the composition of the tissue. For example, the shirt brand Fortunato stated 80% cotton, while in fact it turned out almost 80% polyester. Same story with shirts Brostem. These companies simply replaced expensive natural fabrics to cheap synthetics. The same violation, however, to a lesser extent, observed in 12 samples. The list can be found on the official website of Roskoshestvo.

In addition, the experts checked the symmetry of the shirts, evenness and strength of the joints, but also evaluated how well the shirt selected brands carry the Laundry (if it changes shape, fade). One of the main points of the inspection was the breathability of the shirts. It depends on the microclimate of the body, hygiene. In samples Zara, MNG, Bellford tissue is almost not breathable, that may be dangerous to human skin.

The research results were passed to the CPS. What is the penalty for unscrupulous manufacturers, is still unknown.

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