Вещи от Виктории Бони будут стоит от 2000 рублей

Russian TV star has once again decided to try fashion design. This time her choice fell on a democratic fashion so that to acquire outfits from Bonnie now will be able a lot more girls than before.

Victoria Bonia not so long ago collaborated with the brand Maison D AngelAnn, which in early 2016 has released a collection of dresses and costumes. However, to afford outfits from the stars could afford, not every a fan: the average price was equal to 60-100 thousand rubles. However, the star seems to have decided to go some concessions and created a collection of clothes at affordable prices.

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About Victoria Bonya said in his Instagram by posting a few of the looks from the new line. “You really wanted to, I released a collection of clothes at a more affordable price. I want to please you! Finally released my line of Victoria’s Choice together with the brand Brusnika. Here are the things that I would like to wear. I’ve thought about every way and sought to ensure that clothing was not only beautiful, stylish but also good quality. In the composition there will be more cotton and synthetic fibres, so the price varies from 2 to 18 thousand rubles,” – said Victoria.

In addition, she reported that the capsule collection consists mainly of dresses, the oversized sweaters, crop tops and pencil skirts. For example, cropped knit top with an open collar will cost 6000 rubles, sweater-knit off-shoulder – 8900 rubles, pencil skirt – an average of 6,000 rubles, and dress – from 7,000 to 15,000 rubles. The cheapest thing from the collection of Victoria Bonya for Brusnika – white top bra for 1,400 rubles. The most expensive – a longline chunky knit with a cutout at the back for almost 19,000 rubles.

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