“Thin!” Svetlana Loboda shocked figure a month after giving birth

«Исхудала!» Светлана Лобода шокировала фигурой через месяц после родов
The singer recovered after pregnancy in record time.

Photo: Instagram

Svetlana Loboda never ceases to amaze the public. Her perfect figure is the envy of not only her fans but also other stars. For example, even Ksenia Sobchak noticed a great figure of Svetlana on MUZ TV. Loboda came to an important event two weeks after birth! “To have the opportunity during this period to wear leopard print leggings — not everyone!” — said the presenter from the stage.

And true, nobody expected Loboda actually appear in the Olympics. She looked amazing, but it was still noticeable that the singer recently gave birth. Still not sleeping the swelling was affected by lack of sleep and extreme weakened by pregnancy and childbirth the body a transatlantic flight…

But now, almost a month after the birth of second daughter, Loboda is simply amazing in its ideal form. Looks like she got even skinnier than before! Star has published in a personal blog photo in a tight black jumpsuit, which would have been visible even a pound of excess weight. Svetlana obviously not a single gram.

“How?!” — this question is interested in absolutely all of podeschi Loboda. — “Genes? Willpower? The elixir of slimness? Help the devil?”

However, there are some who still suspected her in photoshop or by wearing corrective underwear. But some “mom” who already had experience of losing weight after childbirth stood up for Loboda.

“2 weeks is realistic belly can “get away”. Especially if the food — they wrote. — It depends on the figure before the birth, metabolism and heredity. Svetlana and before pregnancy was skinny, so why do it after birth to become fat?”

Incidentally, despite her active life and a huge number of work projects, the singer remains a nursing mother. She is expressing milk and freezing it so my daughter could for as long as possible to eat right. So Svetlana did and when gave birth to first child.

Very soon — in July — Loboda is going on tour in Russia and other countries. She is planning to come to Anapa, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Saint-Petersburg, Kirov, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-don, Voronezh, Ryazan, and also in Turkey, Monaco, Minsk. In addition, Svetlana announced as guest star at the festival of “Heat” in Baku in late July.

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