Thin Olga Bartunkova changed my hair

Похудевшая Ольга Картункова изменила прическу
Every day star University and a leading Olga Bartunkova losing weight more and more.

Похудевшая Ольга Картункова изменила прическу

Their achievements Olya shares with followers, just leaving the pictures large texts for those who are sitting home at the computer, absorbed by the depression.

Olga writes:

“I want You to know that life is very short and not walking but running. Please make all things important, say the words you need, step over pride, eat something delicious, tell me love, or I feel good with you now.. it.. will.. always do a good deed, do not lie, don’t have a cow, hug, take, teach, take paint and draw easel and rejoice, remember, cry with a smile, fry the potatoes with mushrooms, work in a rush), dance ( even if you are alone), tighten the song (even if not a hit, but for the soul) “all want to share , with you equally))”, read poetry, look for a long time in the window, ulybaites!! This is important, it should)!! Rainbow after the rain , she’s in the shower! No matter what …. “.

Bartunkova continues to ride in different countries, speaking with his show.

Похудевшая Ольга Картункова изменила прическу

For example, recently they were in Dubai.

Похудевшая Ольга Картункова изменила прическу

And then in Kazakhstan, where they accidentally met with a group Ivanushki International.

Похудевшая Ольга Картункова изменила прическу

After returning home, Olga decided to change and went to the hairdresser. The result of the campaign was a little Korolevskaya bangs and a lighter shade of red hair color.

“Good morning)! The day may not be Sunny outside and Sunny in the shower)! Today can be a lot to think about , to understand, to weigh, to cook something new , wear a bright smile at the ceiling where the yelling drill a neighbor, watch a good movie, sing a song , to cut bangs , to call loved ones to hold thoughts and to wish you health dear man, to say you love someone you love, to let go , to forgive , to forget , to score… actually a lot of cases and all the curves of our thing to want , my good )!!! To understand who trusts You , and trust You)!!! All will return and everyone will be rewarded according to merit )!!!! All happiness and champagne )!!!”

signed Bartunkova the. Fans expressed their admiration for the new way of Olga, but most just said Thank you for stimulating to lose weight phrase.

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