Вор, присвоивший драгоценности Дрейка, пойман

An attacker who has stolen the singer Drake’s jewelry, caught.

To covet someone else had the guts seasonal employee concert arena, which hosted the speech of the Drake. The thief was 21-year-old Travion king. The guy was detained by police in Phoenix (Arizona) on the campus of the University of Arizona. It is noteworthy that his “prey” all this time the king wore in my backpack.

Now the guy is in the office of the local police. He was charged with felony burglary.

Recall, Drake has lost three million dollars during his tour in Phoenix.

It happened rather simple: together with the rapper Puceron the artist rented a tour bus, which, in fact, and left the jewelry for that amount. Back in the bus after some time, Drake found no case with jewelry at the place where he was supposed to be.