Заслужили! Сколько заработали призеры Олимпийских Игр в Пхёнчхане?
All the medalists will be awarded luxury cars and cash prizes.

Заслужили! Сколько заработали призеры Олимпийских Игр в Пхёнчхане?

Evgeny Medvedev and Alina Sagitova with coach Eteri Tutberidze

Photo: Sergey Savostyanov/TASS

Two days ago, our Olympic team returned to Russia from Pyeongchang. On account of Russian athletes this time a total of 17 medals: two gold, six silver and nine bronze. The latter could be larger if the samples curler Alexandra Krushelnytskoho not found the ill-fated Meldonium…

Anyway, in the next few hours all medal winners will gather at a gala reception in the Kremlin. Olympians congratulate Vladimir Putin, and they will be given gifts from different departments.

So, every medalist of the Olympians Foundation will give the expensive German car. These machines were purchased in advance and are obviously “stock”. The press reported that from Novorossiysk to Moscow was delivered 140 personal auto. Instead of the state numbers now they adorn the names of the people who have brought Russia victory in their sport. Gold winners will receive a BMW X6, which cost starts from 4.89 million rubles in the basic specification. “Silver” prize-winners will become the happy owners of BMW X5 (from 4 million). “Bronze” will sit behind the wheel of your own BMW X4 (from 3,14 million).

Заслужили! Сколько заработали призеры Олимпийских Игр в Пхёнчхане?

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Заслужили! Сколько заработали призеры Олимпийских Игр в Пхёнчхане?

Photo: twitter.com/dimsmirnov175

In addition, the Olympians will receive a cash award from the Ministry of sports of Russia: 4 million rubles for gold, 2.5 million for silver and 1.7 million for bronze.

According to “Sport-Express”, also the winners will receive prizes and the regions they represent. For example, the skater Mikhail Kolyada for his silver medal in the team tournament, the St. Petersburg government will further transfer another 2.5 million rubles. 5 million will get each player of the St. Petersburg club “SKA”, which played in the national team of Russia and won the gold in tough match against Germany.

Moscow for “his players” prepared no less generous prizes. The city “will pay” athletes win 4 million roubles for “gold” (Alina Sagitova, Cyril Whims and five players “CSKA”), at 2.5 million — for “silver” (Evgeny Medvedev and others) and 1.7 million for bronze.

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So, for example Alina Sagitova in General for the Olympics “earned” 13 million rubles, and it will have to be a big jeep. What is champion going to do with it, it is not yet thought. To adulthood she is still as much as 3 years. Will either have to hire a driver, or it will ride her dad, Ilnaz Zagitov. The skater for his victory wants to get a puppy is a Japanese breed Akita inu.

Especially lucky skiers Alexander Bolshunov and Denis Spirovo. For their medals, five silver and two bronze — the Governor of the Tyumen region awarded them cash prizes for 5 million roubles and presented certificates to two apartments in the region.

And, by the way, all these amounts are not final. Traditionally, athletes will be rewarded for their victory in the next months different Federation and private sponsors.