They also cry: like stars out of a prolonged depression

Они тоже плачут: как звезды выбираются из затяжной депрессии Popular artists and presenters looking for solace in his work. Many openly talk about their troubles in social networks and receive the necessary support from fans. The followers always stand on the side of their idols.
Они тоже плачут: как звезды выбираются из затяжной депрессии

Stars prone to depression as well as ordinary people. It would seem that they have everything: fame, money, bright, eventful life. But in the realm of celebrity happen the betrayal and trials. Typically, actors can cope with depression one proven way – get swept up in the creativity. “StarHit” decided to tell about what difficult periods in my life seen a popular personality and how he found a way out of the crisis.

Olga Buzova

Famous TV presenter, we are told about her family, knows how to be happy always. Despite this, and in her life there are blows of fate. One of these was the divorce from her husband Dmitry Tarasov.

A fragile woman was very upset by the betrayal of the faithful. Even her own sister Anna became worried that the dreary mood will delay Olya in the depths of despair. Therefore, the relative was always there and supported her.

However, the celebrity long sad can’t. After a few days of complete oblivion, she decided to go head first into work. Catchy song, colorful clip-and a new wave of applause from fans Buzova again returned to life. Video for the song “the sounds of kissing” look, probably just lazy. But the star decided not to stop and all of a sudden changed her image. From a gentle blonde she’s a brunette burning. Yes, and made a fashionable haircut. All these changes allowed the woman to turn the page and start a new happy life.

Vasily Stepanov

The handsome actor not so long ago shocked the whole country. In April a man fell from the window of his apartment in Moscow. Fortunately, he remained alive. However, the public are unable to come to terms with this incident. When it became known that the actor, after the fall of ended up in a psychiatric hospital, the public interest in celebrity grief only increased. On television, magazines and Newspapers, and the Internet began to actively discuss what happened.


For many it was a revelation that Stepanov was in a long depression. Family, however, tried to hide this fact. They claimed that Basil was fine. But colleagues of the celebrity recalled that the fame after the film by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island” has changed full get work. The young talent is not given serious roles in movies, interesting proposals in the theatre. Modest at its core, the Basil didn’t complain, but I was going through a lull. The stars of show business were not indifferent to the unfortunate incident with their colleague. Many promised to help the star through difficult times. Today, the actor is still in the hospital and talking about his life now in various TV shows come brother and mother.

Vladimir Kuzmin

Musician Vladimir Kuzmin found your way of dealing with mental illness. For many years he studied the system of proper nutrition. And not just met her, but lives according to the obtained knowledge.

Они тоже плачут: как звезды выбираются из затяжной депрессии

The artist often says in interviews that the proper food and attention to your body help a person to always be in good shape, and feel good not only physically but also mentally. With a celebrity it’s hard to disagree – he knows what it means to be in harmony with yourself and loved ones. For over 15 years, Vladimir lives in a happy marriage with his wife Catherine.

When the singer all the same feels that he is beginning to overcome sad thoughts, he resorted to another proven way to fight depression. The artist goes to a psychological center where acts as a coach for patients of the institution. And he tells them about his work and about the system of healthy eating. Helping others to make their lives better, a musician himself gets rid of depression.

Diana Shurygina

Some famous people can’t cope with depression on their own. On the contrary, they have long put up with her as something taken for granted. Then the only way to become a psychiatric hospital. This happened with the resident of Ulyanovsk Diana Shurygina, which became popular in the Network, and after in television because of the scandal with the rape.

Perhaps 17-year-old girl not accustomed to the increased attention and at some point simply went to the hospital. Diana herself admits that she needed the help of doctors because of persecution that began with the relatives of the accused in the crime. However, a recluse in a mental hospital the girl felt. She regularly led blog entry, where he told her how her day was. The patient thanked the doctors and spoke with respect about their methods of treatment and the clinic itself.

“What can I say? Work at the hospital is just full of professionals, from chief doctors to the cleaners. All good, sincere, and you feel there very well. Each patient here choose a certain course of treatment that suits him. And it’s very cool. If you have depression or insomnia, then you here!” – wrote the girl.

It is the attention of fans and constant communication with them helped Shurygino to survive difficult times.

Egor Holyavin

Participant reality show “House-2” fell into a depression is due to lack of attention or lack of work. He was shocked parting with beloved Marina Africanoboi. We must pay tribute to celebrities. For his fans, he was literally the embodiment of wisdom “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” And looking at changes in the life of Yegor, you can add that makes it even prettier, and skinnier, more successful and richer. After a difficult period, the TV star took herself in hands and has completely transformed my life. And it started, oddly enough for a man, from his appearance, determined to lose weight. To hide from the public their intentions he wasn’t going. On the contrary, Halavin actively shared with the subscribers of the blog changes.

“I was fat and suffered humiliation and insults, was a very difficult moment in his life when he became a member of the “House-2”, – told in social networks Yegor Halavin.

After one step of transformation of the participant of the reality show moved to the second. He dared to have plastic surgery. Pulled the chain of procedures for transformation into the perfect man. Halavin now he admits that there is no limit to perfection, and it’s on its laurels not going to stop. Most importantly, the changes helped him cope with depression. And after that came the light bar. Today a young man popular and successful. The producers literally flooded it with new suggestions and even willing to pay for an expensive operation that already outlined a popular showman.

Larisa Guzeeva

Larisa Guzeeva many years ago learned what a prolonged depression. It was a real shock news that the beloved husband Ilya – addict.

First, Larissa was trying to fight for the family and loved one to return to a normal life. Then she surrendered. Melancholy and despair the artist has been able to numb just the alcohol. Unbeknownst to herself, she began to drink regularly. None of the inner circle and not tried to help the star. Some gladly drank with her, others waved a hand at her. It is not known how today would have been the life of a celebrity, if one day she pulled herself out of the abyss. The actress realised that most alcoholism is not overcome. Then the artist turned for help to the professionals and took a full course of treatment for addiction. Now Larisa Guzeeva – known TV presenter, sought after and respected. Star frankly admits that he refused alcohol.

Daria Antonyuk

Young talent from the show “the Voice” is also shared with the followers their experiences. She fell into a depression because of large load: heavy rehearsals during participation in the TV show, tough competition, lack of proper rest.

As a result of the load, the singer still very sick. Time for treatment she was not, because even on set she always carried an inhaler. In Instagram, the young star even posted a picture in the dressing room, where she is on the go trying to get rid of tormenting her cold.

The apogee of the problems was loss of voice. Antonyuk had to perform in the finals without a rehearsal. Such improvisation also had a detrimental effect on the psychological state of the girl. To save her able newly made friends, the big stars of show business. As later recalled in his blog, the artist, Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and is constantly worried about her health and advised how to quickly restore power. The helping hand extended from celebrities, has become a real salvation for Dasha.

Julia Alibekova

The star of the show “Dom-2” Julia Alibekova far from experiences creative, but close to the heart takes everyday problems. So, one of them led her to depression.

Together with her husband, Tigran, she purchased a one bedroom apartment in the suburbs. A family long engaged in repairing, home and dreamed about the upcoming housewarming party. But due to various circumstances, the happy moment never came. Julia got sick first, and moving into your own home had to be postponed. Then, one by one, bad feel children couple. And again the plans had changed. Constant delays brought the star of the TV show to a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, the long-awaited event happened and instantly cured Salibekov of the spleen. The first day in a new place she posted in Instagram pictures of a new home and happily commented.

“Hurrah! You can congratulate us! We have finally moved! Decided to celebrate, because we so long ago dreamed of this “kopeck piece”. Well, what is family night without our favorite sushi”, – signed photo with sons Julia Alibekova.

Alexey Vorobyov

The artist, who attributed many novels, over the years learned to hide their relationship. But when he betrayed my love, the first thing their experiences sparrows shared with subscribers. The musician did not mention the name of the beloved, but a few nights in a row described their sad thoughts.

“Not sorry neither time, nor nights, nor days, because they were happy for both of us. Sorry for you, because no one so much as I do, you will not love. People don’t find their “happiness” breaking someone’s heart. It all comes back. And you’ll just have to go through this, as I, like everyone”, – wrote in the period of sparrows in Instagram.

Fans, of course, began to wonder – who dared to break the heart of their idol, but the musician was not recognized. He soon found a cure for depression. The artist received an offer about filming abroad. It was the impetus for celebrity. He immersed himself in work and forget all your sorrows. The numerous questions of followers, who continued to speculate about the mysterious stranger, who has hurt him, he just briefly answered that already were on the same page in life.


The singer took hard this spring. Seasons impact adversely on the fragile woman, who at some point are unable to hide their mental state from the fans.

Celebrity began to post to social networks evoke sad thoughts pictures, and share with your fans the sad reasoning. The next step was a favorite among the fair sex the way to get rid of problems – they simply “jam”. “Instagram” Bianchi were full of photos with a variety of harmful food. The long spring evening the woman whiled away, gobbling up the nutritious meals and products. Admirers of the star was seriously worried. Fortunately, the depression didn’t last long. The singer was visited by the Muse and just a few days, she composed three new songs. Creativity pushed all sad thoughts and feelings.