"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных

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This week the British charity CARE International UK has published the results of a survey of thousands of girls aged 14 to 21 years. It turned out that nearly half of them monthly is an extremely sensitive topic, which they are not willing to discuss among themselves and especially with men. Editor SPLETNIK.RU brought men to have a Frank conversation about the “red calendar days” and find out what they think about PMS and close during menstruation.

According to statistics, ten percent of men to 30 years about periods do not think, 15 percent are afraid of menstrual blood, up to aversion to sex. 21 percentage of young people shift the responsibility for the bad mood on PMS and on this physiological phenomenon as a whole. 24 percent contend, explaining their dissatisfaction with the lack of good sex, especially while on vacation or holiday. 30 percent use monthly to justify his own infidelity.

With regard to older men (30 to 50 years) — four percent have not yet determined their opinion about the menstruation in women. Nine percent use the period to take a break-a break from sex or to abandon the execution of marital debt, “legally”. 13% of men understand and accept female nature, can without much shame and panic to go to the pharmacy for strips or to explain adolescent daughter features of the physiology of the female body.
26 percent prefer not to discuss this topic, but my period is perceived as tacit permission to go off to meet friends, do business or hobby, the woman does not really approve. 28 percent in jest or seriously think that nature has endowed the women menstruation, to allow men to realize their polygamous nature.


D., 40 years

If the wife uses PMS as an excuse for their bad behavior, quarrels can not be avoided…

L., 22 years

When I was a small child, my younger sister educated me. This meant that for one week of the month I better do what she says. In those days I kept away from her and tried not to enrage. Now I’m also in a relationship with his lover.

"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных

N., 26 years

But why discuss it? If this is a completely normal process in the body, like all the others! We do not discuss cough or diarrhea?

I., 30 years

About a month recently learned an interesting point: depending on the number of Mature cells is set a different hormonal balance and, accordingly, different leak “these” days emotionally. Menstruation is like a little pregnancy, with its hormonal cocktail in your blood. A week before month my wife turns into a monster =) However, I absolutely do not bother to speak on such topics. Lounging in bed, unable to discuss it with his wife. I am sure that all depends on the person. One in those days, insanely Horny, and the other is generally better not to touch it.

"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных

S., 32 years

Question menstruation is not specifically discussed with the partner. This is nothing special. And what about the period to know… Open the textbook and read.

I., 23 years

Menstruation is monthly uterine bleeding. My girlfriend tried me recently to talk in detail, but I did not listen. Somehow unpleasant. To talk about it does not want.

"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных

D., 30 years

My first girlfriend, whom I met when I was 20, my period was almost painless, and the mood swings I’ve noticed. So for a long time I believed that all these wild stories about PMS is just an excuse to justify their inappropriate behavior at times.

O., 25 years

I had a misconception regarding the duration of menstruation. Thought it was only a day or two. I do not remember where I read this, but then learned that every woman the duration and intensity of the secretions is different. It all depends on the hormones.

F., 26 years

We don’t usually discuss it with my girlfriend. If you live with your partner and have sex regularly, the cycle, of course, easy to calculate. Just a few days a month you are left without “dessert”. But there is a time to watch a new series. However, if we go on vacation, try to choose those dates, is that in those days it was not menstruation.

Buying hygiene products

A., 32

And what’s the problem? Cashiers realize this is not for you! They probably think: “this guy’s got the girl he loves and whom he cares”.

A., 23

I don’t see anything special. If she asks, of course I can. It’s even exciting, tampons are more 20 species!

"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных

S., 27 years

A friend recently told me about a special Cup, which many people use instead of tampons and pads. Reusable… Sounds strange…

A., 30 years

Oh, no, I’m buying condoms and the girl let herself attend to the purchase of tampons.

"В эти дни я держусь от любимой подальше": что мужчины думают о месячных