Есть такая профессия: 13 самых горячих Instagram-моделей

Diana Korkunova / Viktoria Odintsova

Successful models in Instagram earn thousands of dollars every month just by making a selfie. They do not walk the catwalk, are not registered in modeling agencies, many of them are bloggers or at least microinfusion, but the popularity of these Insta-divam not to take. Some believe that the representatives of this newest profession — the main character telegram‐channel “Market skins” (about the popular beauties that secretly I’m an escort), but here you can argue. We the police act is not going to, and just admire. Tell about the domestic and foreign stars blogs whose photos collect millions of likes.

Victoria Odintsova, 25 years (4.8 million subscribers)

Modeling career began when she was noticed and invited to your Agency famous photographer “spicy style” Alexander Mavrin. But the real popularity of a native of St. Petersburg, acquired after shooting the video Yegor creed for the song “I like”, where she played the role of the beloved artist. They say that on-screen romance turned into a real. But now not about it…

Then there was the cover of the July-August issue of Playboy and that famous video in which the girl hanging from the Dubai skyscraper, “the Tower collapsed wall and flooding at the” without a net (the video has received over seven million views). If a year ago to see the girl was only half dressed in the vastness of Instagram, but recently, Vic has become well received in the party. The presentation of Fendi, Kilian and Terekhov Girl — proof.

Wendell Lindblom, 23 (66 thousand subscribers)

Lindblom vendela from Sweden also became popular thanks to social networks. “The bald girl”, as she calls herself, said representatives of Playboy magazine. So she became the “girlfriend of the month” (Playmate of the Month — the model whose candid photos, and a short biography are Central reversal).

The girl who is known to fans of the video game Battlefield 1 (she was a model for the first female multiplayer character), it is recognized that got rid of the curls are still in school and doesn’t want to grow hair because the shaved head gives her self-confidence.

Frankly, I’m sick of looking like everyone else. I’ve thought about it before you decide. I understand that not everyone likes my looks. It is important to think positively and confidently toward your goal. I used to be so obsessed with her hair. Bad styling can ruin my whole day. Now I don’t even have to think about it, she said.

Tammy Hembrow, 24 (9 million subscribers)

A young mother of two children, a big fan of fitness and bloggertheme, Hembrow from Australia, gets 45 thousand dollars a month for advertising my protein shakes. She this year won first place in the ranking compiled by the analytical website Influencer Fee, which estimates the income of users of Instagram, analyzing the level of interaction and number of followers.

Nine million followers Tammy ready to admire her fit and slim body day and night, as well as to buy products that she advertises. Hambro, which is called the “new Kardashians”, I decided to use: created a successful clothing brand Saski and launched its fitness app Tammy Hembrow Fitness.

Sommer ray, 22 (19.6 million subscribers)

Sommer is a native of Colorado (USA). 15 years old girl fond of sports, following a family tradition (her mother and father — bodybuilders). In 2015 she received the title of “Miss bikini” and took 16th place in the championship on bodybuilding in the United States.

Starting to post their photos and videos about fitness in September 2016, after a couple of months, she became the superstar of Instagram. The girl also has a YouTube channel where she shares the secrets of their workouts and, of course, will post pictures in bikini and underwear.


Rosie Roff, 29 years (1.8 million subscribers)

The Briton Rosie Roff is one of the 100 most beautiful women in the world. At least so say the authors of the rating men’s publication FHM. Rosie without hesitation Stripping off for the camera, but in an interview admits that actually she is a girl of strict upbringing and demure.
I’m a very private person in real life, I feel much more comfortable when you transform into another character in front of the camera. I’ve used that to criticize me — she said Daily Online.

Now Rosie travels around the world, photoshoots for clothing brands and also acts as an elite ring-girls (she makes signs with rounds) on the fights, broadcast on HBO. The girl soon is going to realize his dream to star in a feature film:
This is a gangster film in London. It’s called “We will still die.” I’m so excited about this role! I got an interesting character, it will be very fun to play. Glad that’ll work with the English actors that I really respect.

Sugar ray, 24 years (1.2 million subscribers)

The daughter of a world famous surfer Tony ray, Sahara was born in Australia but now lives in California. She became known in August of 2016 thanks to his holiday romance with Justin Bieber. A joint vacation in Hawaii was over, but the popularity remained.

Ray will post on the social network hot pictures in a bikini of her own design, Sahara Ray Swim, justifying its name, given in honor of the African desert. By the way, this year’s model first appeared on the catwalk: she participated in the I. AM.GIA during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney.

Yana Sukhova, 26 years (360 thousand subscribers )

A native of Penza immediately after graduation he moved to Moscow, enrolled in the international Institute and started working in the modeling business. But a real breakthrough in the career of the girl was her part in the reality show “Vacation in Mexico — 2”.

After starring in the project, she began to advertise in her blog, everything from beauty salons to jewelry. Recently Yana is a party to show “Tourists” to “CCC”. But netizens are more willing to discuss how things have changed girl for the last time (she did contour plastic lips, mammoplasty, rhinoplasty and removed the lumps bisha) than her career achievements.

Miranda Shelia, 26 years (573 thousand subscribers)

Miranda Shelia, better known as Mimishelini, of Georgian descent, she was born in Tbilisi, but has long lived in Moscow. By profession the girl is a lawyer, graduated from Russian Academy of justice. After graduation, she realized that to associate life with the law doesn’t and wants to walk the runway.

Popular in the network Shelia was because of the similarities with supermodel Irina Shayk. Internet users are willing to spend hours to look at pictures of “before” and “after” the proposed sculpture (the naked eye can see that the nose, lips, cheeks and Breasts Miranda has undergone significant changes).

The girl also calls herself a model, a few years ago, met with the player Fedor Smolov, and now happy with the ex-soloist of the band MBAND Vladislav Ramm. Last year she even performed the main role in his music video for the song “neither I Nor you.”

Jizerska Anastasia, 24 years old (970 thousand subscribers)

The girl generously exposes in Instagram their very feminine forms, bathing suits, expensive cars, skyscrapers, photo from Dubai, “Birkin” and other components of the “sweet life”. Anastasia also managed to light up in the video Yegor creed “Million scarlet roses” and become the founder of a fitness project. Last year she became a member of the cast on “the First channel” and talked about their success and wealth.

Nastya admitted that indifferent to the dresses — she prefers “normal jeans” Balmain cost from 70 thousand for the pair, and in Moscow, travels exclusively on the orange Lamborghini. Anastasia, unlike other heroines of our material, does not hide that he sought the help of surgeons. She showed before and after photos of rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Sofia Kazakov, 29 years (1.4 million subscribers)

The winner of the contest “Beauty of Russia — 2011” (nomination “Beauty of the West of Russia”) is so popular in Instagram that she was invited to participate in the reality show “Integrity” on TV channel “Friday!” — about the life of popular models, TV presenters and Internet celebrities.
This social network has become for me not only an interesting platform for entertainment and marketing tool. My love for beautiful things, to fashion started to generate income — how cool is that!

— Sofia wrote on his microblog.

Kristina krayt, 24 years old (952 thousands of subscribers)

Kristina admits that spends half his life in the aircraft available between Moscow, Milan, Paris and Zurich. “Your shooting-shooting-shooting,” as would sing LJ. Her spare time she tries to spend with the maximum advantage: read a book, write a post, process photo. Krayt — the owner of a perfect model parameters 90/60/92 and hide it from the world is not going to — photos of her in a bikini with all over the world gather hundreds of thousands of likes.
I can not relate to his popularity. I don’t think if I have some number of followers, I’m popular and all star. I’m a person, like all girls, just my work involves media and media around me a lot. It’s just part of my job was modest in an interview with Glamour Christina.

Diana korkunova, 22 (1.4 million subscribers)

Diana was born in Yekaterinburg, currently residing in Moscow. Kazakh roots of the lady is my mother, and Russian — dad. Korkunova — international Ambassador Schwartzkopf, the face of the car brand MINI, and last year released a promotional campaign of Gliss Kur and the clip Lena Temnikova “Not fashionable,” in which she starred with Anastasia and Masha Ulevoi Monogarovo.

Pamela Alexander, 30 years (1.6 million subscribers)

“When I’m not in the office, I’m either eating or trying to subdue your curls or travel around the world” — so says about his occupation plus-size-model Pamela Alexandra.

Girl with Brazilian and Swiss roots does not cease to encourage his fans to love yourself and your body regardless of weight. She often shares with his almost two million followers on Twitter pictures in a bikini and is proud to not photoshop them.

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