Есть, на что посмотреть: Водонаева показала бриллиант от жениха

Leading received a luxurious gift for a birthday.

Alena is not one of those girls who loves to show off new handbags, jewelry or cars. But random selfie told the fans a lot more than words. Vodonaeva, without knowing it, has given a gift of the groom!

July 2, Alena turned 34 years old, in honor of the birthday Vodonaeva with her fiance Anton Korotkov flew to Monaco. The star published photos from the beach, fans were wondering: what did she gave Anton?

Last June, he proposed to her and presented an engagement ring from Tiffany. So what was the surprise this time?

The answer to this question was given by Alena herself, and by accident. The star published a photo from the plane. The usual selfie, it would seem, but on the right hand leading on the ring finger sported a ring with a path of diamonds and an impressive stone in the center!

Hardly Vodonaeva bought it myself, most likely, it is the gift of Anton. The most classic engagement ring! Good groom knows that a girls best friend is diamonds.

Recall that Anton and Alena met last year April 1, to meet they began may 17, and the proposal Anton made on July 26.

“Anton wants to sign and fly away somewhere alone. I also don’t really want to throw a lavish party. And if our wedding to be, I think she will be modest and only for two. Well, I think it will be a little later,” – said Vodonaeva in an interview with Woman’s Day.

Then the star seems to have postponed the wedding because to get married in a leap year brings bad luck. But who knows? Maybe this trip to Monaco, the ring is the celebration for two?

In any case, Alena married already or not, we’re happy. Jewelry, especially gifts from loved ones all women face.

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