«Смерти нет, есть только ветер»:  сын Олега Табакова переживает тяжелую утрату
Became known the date and place of farewell with the people’s artist.

«Смерти нет, есть только ветер»:  сын Олега Табакова переживает тяжелую утрату

Paul and Oleg Tabakova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

On the eve ended the whole era of Russian cinema and performing arts: at the age of 82 years of life left Oleg Tabakov. Farewell to people’s artist will take place on March 15 at the Moscow art theatre of A. P. Chekhov. The next few days in the theater of mourning. Cancelled all performances. It is reported that Oleg Pavlovich will be buried at Novodevichy cemetery. Such a request to the mayor was contacted by the widow of Oleg Tabakov, Marina Zudina, reports “Echo of Moscow”.

Friends of Oleg Pavlovich, for obvious reasons, from the official comment. On the eve of Pavel Tabakov through social networks appealed to the media asking them not to bother him with calls. Towards evening storis in his microblog published a excerpt of the song “two of Us” by the rock group “Kurara” with the text: “there is no Death, there is only the wind…” Fans Tabakov support his son, expressing condolences.

Basilashvili, Gaft, Yakovlev, Nagiev and other artists mourning at the Oleg Tabakov

Colleagues and friends of the great artist leave in social networks stories about the first meeting with Oleg Pavlovich, TV channels changed the broadcast, with the broadcast films and interviews featuring Tabakova, fans bring flowers in Kamergersky lane in memory of the actor… And in the media, meanwhile, have already started to appear the first provocation related to the “inheritance” of Oleg Pavlovich. Before the media spread information about his “secret will”, which allegedly was the name of his successor — someone who will take the post of artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. They, according to film critic Dmitry Savelyev, Evgeny Pisarev. However, the student Tabakov convinced that the document referenced in the press was a fake.