Появилась  информация о том, кого ждет подруга Криштиану Роналду
Pregnant Georgina Rodriguez was fond of Latin dancing

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo with son Cristiano


23-year-old beautiful Spanish woman, became a friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently carrying his child, not
going to lie on the sofa waiting for the delivery. On the contrary, she tries to lead as
a more active lifestyle. Her latest passion is Latin dance.

Georgina Rodriguez began taking lessons recently — in the dance
club Basi and Deisy. And the first
salsa lessons brought the girl into a perfect delight. And Georgina decided to thank
their teachers. “This dance made me feel completely
happy. Thanks to my teachers!” —
she wrote on his page in the social network. And those, in turn, hastened
to compliment your able pupil, unwittingly issuing with sex
child Georgina: “to Engage with you is a pleasure. We are very
pleased by your progress. Probably, and that little girl you are
now under the heart, will also become an excellent dancer!”

Thus arose some time ago, hearing that Rodriguez born daughter, was confirmed. We recall that
Georgina is expecting a child with Cristiano, it became known in June, literally
a few weeks after the player announced that he became a father
twins bred for him a surrogate mother. This means, less
than one year, the family Ronaldo will be supplemented by three “sons”. That is, in 2018,
Cristiano will become the proud father of four children — apart from his eldest son
Cristiano Junior. However, as stated by Ronaldo, he is not going
to stop. The athlete claims that he wants in his house
growing up as many as 7 children.