Появилась новая причина расставания звездной пары

The Western media has shocked fans with new details about divorce Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth – apparently, the actor had used drugs that could cause rupture.

That singer Miley Cyrus after 7 months after the wedding, divorced her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, everyone already knows. But the reasons for the separation, until recently, remained a mystery. Some blamed Miley’s infidelities because of bisexuality, while others simply shrugged, looking for logical reasons for the gap lovers who, in General, have been together for ten years.

Previously the main reason for the separation of the pair the representative of Cyrus was called “the desire to focus on a career and themselves.” After a few days of peaceful sentiments of former lovers faded, and now their representatives are ready to sling mud at each other, siple accusations of cheating and drug use. Who is right? It is the fate and time.

So, now the sources from Miley Cyrus misleading edition of “TMZ” that all the time, she valiantly tried to save the marriage, and the perpetrator of the breakup was Liam. If Liam drank a lot of alcohol and certain drugs. Miley was strongly against this (indeed, in the past, the singer struggled with substance abuse!) and didn’t want to maintain a close relationship with such a person.

Instead, the sources from Liam Hemsworth blame Miley Cyrus. According to them, statements by Miley about drugs and alcohol are designed to mask the fact that, according to them, really broke up their marriage — repeated betrayal on the part of the singer.

Recall that last Friday, Miley Cyrus and her friend blogger Caitlin Carter went to a vacation in Italy. There she not only was spotted without a wedding ring, but, as shown by the media, I kissed Caitlin.

— This is another attempt by Miley to escape, — said one of the sources.

Insiders in the Western show business has told the media that, really, Liam could use drugs.

— Everyone thinks that Miley – infantile and crazy party girl, but Liam is quite different, but this is not true. He’s having a party with friends, although it needs to grow out of this, according to Miley, – said the publication of “TMZ” insider.

We will add, the relationship of Liam and Miley began ten years ago, in July of this year, they even celebrated the anniversary. During this time the couple had already broke up twice and was twice engaged. To marry celebrity decided only in December 2018. On the ceremony, knew only the closest. In the autumn of the same year, Liam and Miley are completely burned down house in Malibu. Then they donated 500 thousand dollars to Fund Malibu, which helps victims of the fires.

We will remind, recently Liam Hemsworth for the first time commented on the breakup.

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