Theon Dolnikova defended the account of the deceased husband

Теона Дольникова защитила аккаунт погибшего жениха The actress spoke out against the initiative of deputies page about the freezing of dead people. Theon Dolnikova in the perturbation from the fact that politicians are not concerned about the feelings of those who lost their loved ones. Musical star keeps the memory of the beloved, and regularly visits his accounts in social networks.

      Теона Дольникова защитила аккаунт погибшего жениха

      Two years ago, actress and singer Teona Dolnikova has lost a loved one. Heart of the bride actress Nikita Bychenkova stopped right during the performance, where he was involved. The sudden death of a lover still haunted by the star of musicals. Theon for a long time trying to understand why it happened and even turned to psychics. In short, in this tragedy Dolnikova was not easy. From time to time the girl published in his microblog some old pictures with loved ones and regularly visits his page in social networks to re-think how they were happy.

      Theon Dolnikova turned to psychics because of the tragedy with the groom

      Not so long ago the Deputy Milonov has proposed to close the page of the deceased on social media. The politician is sure: it will protect the accounts from use by fraudsters for profit. Page who died two years ago actor Nikita Bychenkov in Instagram and Vkontakte are still working, but because the initiative of the servants of the people aroused the indignation of the Theons Dolnikova.

      “I am shocked by this news. The man who invented it, probably, has gone mad, the actress said in a conversation with “Stricom”. – According to deputies, country living is so cool, that they no longer what to think, but to erase the accounts of people. For them dead – no, and for us their thoughts, photos and video in the Network memory. When I go to the page for Nikita, review photos and posts you get the impression that he is somewhere, and it somehow helps me to live. His account is the thread that binds us. The deputies apparently did not understand that it, unfortunately, will also affect their families go.”

      Reflecting on the motives that prompted the Deputy to come up with such an initiative, Dolnikova recognized that only those who have lost loved ones, able to understand how the road is any memory left of them. According to Teona, to use the accounts of her deceased fiancé scammers have never tried, but the pages are constantly visited by those who knew him well.

      “There appears regularly from people who loved him. They write that I miss: is it bad that the person shares your feelings? I’m still not fully aware that Nikita is gone, says Theon. – Sometimes want to go to a page, see it in the friends list, to remember what we talked about, dreamed about… This law is the same as the proposal to remove the memory and forget those who have been more to you all. This is wrong. Let’s impose a law so that people’s heart was cut out after they lose loved ones, so we didn’t feel pain… I don’t understand how this procedure should be performed? Oblige relatives to provide a death certificate? I believe everyone there loved ones, family, friends, somehow without the intervention of deputies will decide to leave this page or delete. Better to let “servants of the people” think about what the retired pay”.

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