Предполагаемый папаша принца Гарри окончательно отрекся от своего сына
The former lover of Princess Diana has made an unexpected recognition.

Предполагаемый папаша принца Гарри окончательно отрекся от своего сына

James Hewitt and Prince Harry

the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the tragic death of Princess Diana, the creators of Australian TV show Seven”s Sunday Night, I decided to interview an ex-lover lady Di
James Hewitt. His statement
made a strong impression on the audience. This information was reported
the online edition of dailymail.co.uk.

start Hewitt said that his five-year affair with the wife of Prince Charles was
more than serious. He and Diana, the assurance
James wanted to run away
from the Royal family to live together. And when their romance became known
the press and separated from his beloved, he first admitted Hewitt, despair
wanted to commit suicide.

it came to the juicy time of the interview — the question of whether or not
is James, not Prince Charles, the real father of Prince Harry
— Hewitt noticeably stiffened. After all, since, as it became known about the relationship of Princess
and James (the affair publicly acknowledged even Diana herself), many claimed that Harry is not the son of royals and
cavalry officer Hewitt. In addition, the appearance of the Prince and in fact can
to see the similarity with James. Anyway, Charles and Harry do not like, and in the Diana — not too.

However, during the interview, Hewitt found
strength to say firmly: “No, I in no case can not be a father to Harry, I met Diana until 1986!” As the younger brother of William, was born in
1984, at this point, James really couldn’t be a father to Harry.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana


Probably, all unconditionally believed Hewitt, had it not been removed a
time ago a documentary. It is dedicated to another “interview” with James
which he agreed, tentatively, to give under hypnosis. And during this speech Hewitt
called a completely different date for the start of his romance with Princess. While in
a deep state of trance, that is when James couldn’t lie, in response to
the question of when he first kissed Diane, Hewitt said: “In 1982…”
after all, if James could become a parent to Harry. Of course, the final
to clarify this issue, could a paternity test. But to hold it
the Royal court permission was not given.