Theatre, fired Volochkova, requires her money

Театр, уволивший Волочкову,  требует с нее денег

The hype around the imminent departure of the ballerina from her debut play “Came a man to a woman” is gaining momentum. Anastasia might pay for their decision in the truest sense of the word!

Volochkova knows how any activity to turn into a spectacular show. In early April, she debuted as a dramatic actress on the stage of the “School of modern play”. The play “a man Came to the woman,” where she played the lead role, twice had full houses. It seems to be live and be happy, but no Prime Minister resulted in a series of scandals, which every day is gaining momentum…

At first, Nastia clearly hinted at the fact that partner play Saeed Bagova it is associated not only professional and friendly, but also romantic relationship. And when the theater management decided to remove the actor from setting (supposedly on stage, he showed too much hot temper as a sign of solidarity gathered behind him to leave the project.

By the way, Volochkova from the creators of the show were also claims: they say, worthless heroine, a lowly telephone operator, to flaunt in outrageous gowns (by the way, this ballerina beauty bought with my own money). In General, the impression that the desire to break up was mutual… whatever it was, a performance which was to be held on 30 April, replaced by another. And here new blow – now the theatre requires from the artist a penalty for his failure!

— I just found out from the Directorate of the theater that must pay the penalty. For me raw performance on 30 April, with whom you and I took off for some strange reason… I, it is clear. You settle scores with said. And at the epicenter of events was I, ” said Anastasia in Instagram. — You know I’m alive and healthy! And ready to take to the stage of your theater, where I stated in the poster! You what?! Want my money for withdrawing me from the poster of the play? I was not expecting such a development. Sorry… I have to talk to a lawyer Maya Sandler.

By the way, the dancer does not fall apart and has already told fans that he was going to organize her own troupe performance and to accompany him throughout Russia. In General, be prepared, people will not be bored! But, as they say, is another story.

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